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Legend of Mana: Original soundtrack

Game info

Name: Legend of Mana
Alternate name: Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana (Japan)
Characteristics: Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective, Anime / Manga, Role-Playing (RPG)
Publishers: Square, Square EA, Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.
Developers: Square, Squaresoft
Original/port composer: Yoko Shimomura (PS1)
PlayStation (15 Jul 1999) - Japan
PlayStation (06 Jun 2000) - United States

Music info

Released: 23 Jul 1999
Related Plaform: PlayStation
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composer of these tunes: Yoko Shimomura
Info Source: synSONIQ Records
Music type: Original soundtrack
My rating: 8/10
Num of tunes: 55
Num of CDs: 2
Catalogue Nr.: SSCX-10034
Play time: 2:10:12 (est)

My info

Cool soundtrack which keeps high quality during whole two CDs of music. It has stable good quality music - not total breakers, but constantly great adventurous songs. [8/10]

User reviews

  • "Great Soundtrack, Bought it about a 2 years ago!" (by Munk, 21 Jul 2004) [9/10]
    This Soundtrack is just great. To get the full effect you have to play the game and get into it. While I listened to the CDs, I could picture every thing I did in my mind, and even wanted to play the game. This CD has several moods from happiness/peaceful to dark/mysterious. I favored the second CD more because of the Jumi-era/Dragoon part. This music is very melodic and offers alot for whoever may purchase it. I personally like this soundtrack more than others. Overall, the soundtrack is put together well and is full of emotion. I would give this a 9/10. It loses a point because some of the songs get really repetative (like I said, be into the game). Dont cry for a Jumi, you'll turn to stone ;) ;)

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Facts / description

Contains all music from the Playstation game ''LEGEND OF MANA'' which came out in July '99. Music produced by Yoko Shimomura, featuring her piano. The closing theme song was recorded in Stockholm with Swedish vocalist(s). The Nordic sound perfectly matches the game's world. The swedish lyrics of the song are printed in the booklet.

From: http://www.synsoniq.com/productdetails.php?partner=13&pid=391&langchange=2


CD 1:

01 - Legend of MANA ~Title Theme~
02 - Nostalgic Song
03 - World of Mana
04 - Song of MANA ~Opening Theme~
05 - Places of Soul
06 - Hometown Domina
07 - Diddle's Organ
08 - Wanderer's Path
09 - Pain the Universe
10 - Cliff Town Gato
11 - Earth Painting
12 - Marginal Beast
13 - Moonlit City Roa
14 - Everyday Dream ~ Spirit's Song
15 - To the Sea
16 - Southern City Polpota
17 - Everyday Dream
18 - Calmly Traveling
19 - Bedight Orbit
20 - The Wind Sings of a Journey
21 - Mystic City Geo
22 - Memory of Running
23 - The Darkness Nova

CD 2:

01 - Pastoral
02 - Ranch Night
03 - Maker's Galopp
04 - Dreamseed Fruit
05 - A Good Thing
06 - Let's Play the Organ!
07 - Let's Play the Organ! Part 2
08 - Nocturne
09 - Digger's Song ~ Song of Spelunkers
10 - Calm Song
11 - Sorrowful Song
12 - Joyful Song
13 - Mysterious Song
14 - Missing Truth
15 - The Excitement of Both of Us
16 - Irwin on Reflection
17 - The Other Truth
18 - Complicated Destiny
19 - Bonded by the Soul
20 - Fiery Castle
21 - Leading into Prosperity
22 - The One Who Waits for the Breath of Destiny
23 - Depression Blues
24 - Gem Thief Sandra's Plight
25 - City of Flickering Destruction
26 - Foolish Decision
27 - Those Who Are Shining
28 - The Great Virtue of Gathering Mana's Spirit ~Theme of Mana~
29 - Holy Power of Mana
30 - Silence of Time
31 - Nostalgic Song ~Ending Theme for Mana's Story~
32 - Song of MANA ~Ending Theme~

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