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Star Control 2: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Star Control 2
Alternate name: Star Control II (Japan)
Characteristics: Action, Strategy, Top-Down, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publishers: Accolade, Crystal Dynamics
Developer: Accolade
Original/port composers: Aaron Grier, Burke Trieschmann, Riku Nuottojarvi, Eric Berge (Dos), Riku Nuottajarvi (Dos), Dan Nicholson (Dos), Marc Brown (Dos), Tommy Dunbar (Dos), Aaron J. Grier (Dos), Erol Otus (Dos), Kevin Palivec (Dos)
PC Dos (1992) - Europe
3DO (1993) - United States
3DO (24 Mar 1995) - Japan

Music info

Released: 1992
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Composers of these tunes: Eric Berge, Riku Nuottajarvi, Dan Nicholson, Marc Brown, Tommy Dunbar, Erol Otus, Kevin Palivec, Aaron Grier, Burke Trieschmann, Riku Nuottojarvi
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Martyr, pelya
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 67
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 1.73 MBytes

User reviews

  • "We come in peace!" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    I actually got into Star Control 2 late, when I read that this game got mentioned as having one of the top 10 game soundtracks ever by GameSpot(http://www.gamespot.com/features/tenspot_music/page9.html). Star Control 2's music was way ahead of its time, with lots of memorable techno tracks that you wouldn't even be ashamed to play in public (well, not too much ;)). Most of the tracks from the game are contained in here and there are many good ones. A few of them are just ambient stuff but all in all they're very good quality. Highly recommended!

  • "Original Creations" (by Ville Nurmi, 25 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    The Star Control 2 tunes contain a wide range of styles all of which are executed in a most oldschool MOD way. Most, if not all, tunes show good imagination from the composers. The tunes are fun to listen to. Some highlights among the tunes: Hyperspace, Orbit, Commander.

  • "Slept many nights with this soundtrack $$" (by animoL, 26 Jun 2003) [10/10]
    The best musics are from the arilou, commander, starbase, refit, traddash, illrath and vux!
    This contributed in my appetite to visit Finland.

  • "aah yes, quite nice" (by Dr. Spa, 13 Mar 2004) [8/10]
    some of these I like although I think that they are too ambient (quiet) I like the one which starts off with a synth bass sound and then has a strong beat (it sounds like a zap or the sort of sound you get when you hit a baddie but he/she has a shield on...)

    Get it.

  • "Simply Amazing" (by sillywizard, 1 Oct 2004) [10/10]
    i loved this game so much... it has the best music that i ever hear for a game by far...

  • "SC2 rulesss!" (by Ur-Quan, 25 Apr 2005) [9/10]
    I can't say that the music from SC2 is the best one, but I got inexpressible feelings when I played once ago and a bit of that pleasure which the game gave me was the music, of course.

  • "Modmare" (by Darth Nefelim, 21 Jun 2005) [2/10]
    That's Amiga, I understand. Hardware limitations, I understand. Non-professional composers, I understand. Terrible music. And I can't understand this. I know a wide variety of superb amiga modules. I know this style. I know this scene. But why this soundtrack is so repulsive? I don't know. Only mods made by Riku Nuottajarvi are above the average level. A few rich pieces in the reign of poverty. (Nothing bad about the game - it's only about the soundtrack.)

  • "One of the best soundtracks ever produced for a computer game" (by Vladimir Kornea, 16 May 2006) [10/10]
    Star Control 2 is a classic masterpiece, having among other things one of the best soundtracks ever produced for a computer game. When I first entered quasi-space while playing the game, I spent a long time just listening to the beautiful 'mystic shadows' track. Other particularly moving tracks include the tragic and heroic Yehat theme and the detached and brooding Mycon theme.

  • "Not as Good as Suggested" (by Anorak99, 20 May 2006) [4/10]
    I listened to this rip after being told by many that it was going to be great, but to be honest, I was very disappointed. There are better soundtracks out there, and although some of these melodies are certainly memorable, they're little more than that.

  • "Fantastic!" (by Sandro, 1 Aug 2007) [10/10]
    Absolutely great music ! Powerful expressions !

  • "ahead of its time..." (by astral, 8 Sep 2007) [10/10]
    i first heard the tunes while playing the game back in the 90\'s, and i enjoy hearing them today as i did back then... amazing creativity, and i think its was just ahead of its time... favorites: commander, orbit, yehat and victory tunes. enjoy =)

  • "Like trawling through ameteurish mods trying to find a good song" (by Domarius, 7 Jan 2021) [1/10]
    That's what it felt like. I'm really surprised, after all the rave reviews. I have to agree with Darth Nefelim.

    I guess the positive reviews come from people who have nostalgia for the game, and I get that. Totally with you on listening to songs that are actually not that good musically, but have nostalgia attached to it. But these comments left me with the impression that the soundtrack stands on its own. I'm just confused. Maybe there are like a handful of good ones in there that I missed amongst the rest.

    It was like skipping through the worst of ModArchive or something, hearing song after song of monotone repetitive noises and badly repeating vocal samples, wondering why someone thought it was music and how long did they really spend bashing it together.

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Facts / description

Comment from Pelya (edited a bit :) ):
The Mods were taken from http://sc2.sourceforge.net/
The songs for ZoqFot, Thraddash, Starbase Commander and Intro are a bit different from archive came from Martyr's archive, which was on the site until now (the "original" tunes, which came probably from the game itself are named "Star Control II - *.MOD"
Songs for ditties (victory themes) added.

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