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Tunnel B1: Original soundtrack

Game info

Name: Tunnel B1
Alternate name: Finalist (Japan)
Characteristics: Action, 1st-Person Perspective, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publishers: Acclaim, Ocean, Gaga
Developers: Neon Studios, Neon
Original/port composer: Chris Huelsbeck (Dos)
PlayStation (Oct 1996) - Europe
PlayStation (04 Oct 1996) - Japan
PC Dos (Dec 1996) - Europe
PlayStation (1997) - United States
Sega Saturn (1997) - United States
Sega Saturn (29 Aug 1997) - Japan

Music info

Released: 1996
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composer of these tunes: Chris Huelsbeck
Info Source: synSONIQ Records
Music type: Original soundtrack
My rating: 8/10
Num of tunes: 24
Num of CDs: 1
Catalogue Nr.: CH-007
Play time: 1:04:23

My info

Well, this is classic orchestral "movie style" soundtrack. It's very well made and has a very high qulity sounds, as is good tradition from Chris Huelsbeck. But, there are only 3-4 main themes which are repeating themselves through the whole CD (as usually in the 'movie' soundtracks). So soundtrack may come boring after few listenings... [8/10]

User reviews

  • "sorry but.." (by zomg111, 1 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    ..browsing through the site owners (simply awesome this collection btw) reviews i found this one and i m sorry but i must say it s greatly underrated. so i m just giving it 10/10 for truth s sake :p

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Facts / description

The excellent soundtrack ofthe computer- and Consolegame Tunnel B1 by Ocean is now available.This is the latest work ofthe music-master Chris Hülsbeck and it does leave all existing computer-musicproductions far behind. Also in this area the close connection to the moviesets the degree high so that one shouldn´t be scared to compare itwith movie soundtracks. You could even say that some movies should takeChris´ performance as an example!Incomparable! This CD is justoverwhelming and full of moods so that it is a dream of listening not onlyfor fans of movie-soundtracks!After the CD was technicalrevised and 5 songs which are not included in the game were added thisCD is something special in the area of Soundtracks. It even reaches theclass of soundtracks from Hans Zimmer or Alan Silvestri!Well, talked enough! You bettermake yourself an opinion, so just listen to it!Press ? MANIAC 1/97: Spiele des Jahres Bester Sound - Award : "Der Titel lebt maßgeblich vom mitreißenden Sound." PC-Player 1/97: Tunnel B1 Preview "... beeindruckende Hintergrundmusik ...", "... mächtigerOrchestersoundtrack ..." Frontpage 12/96: Tunnel B1 Review "... monumentaler Klangteppich ..." "... zeitloser Sound... " EDGE 9/96: Tunnel B1 Review "...Adding to this is the simply brilliant orchestral soundtrack- an athmospheric Hollywood action movie score equal to Carpenter´sor Horner´s finest..." Playstation Magazine 10/96: Tunnel B1 Review "...To matters euphonious. This is one of the very few games whereyou don´t really care about the sound effects, simply because themusical score is so fine. It´s a wonderful, dramatic, classical soundwhich serves to heighten the tension in times of high drama. Heck, it evenseems to shut up at the right times. Cross the scores of Total Recall andTerminator and you´ve just about the deep, brassy accompaniment..." Sound rating: 9 out of 10

From: http://www.synsoniq.com/productdetails.php?partner=13&pid=8&langchange=2


01 - Logo (0:12)
02 - Prologue (3:37)
03 - Intro (1:42)
04 - Menue (2:41)
05 - Charon (1:55)
06 - Oceanos (5:47)
07 - Mission failed (0:05)
08 - Cerberus (1:02)
09 - Erinyes (1:33)
10 - Stage cleared (0:07)
11 - Orpheus (1:54)
12 - Tartarus (3:12)
13 - Bonus (0:04)
14 - Euridice (3:20)
15 - Styx (1:54)
16 - Game over (0:06)
17 - Nemesis (3:39)
18 - End sequence (0:32)
19 - Credits (4:10)
20 - Intro (FX mix) (1:45)
21 - The Tunnel (Planet Trax remix) (6:17)
22 - The Tunnel (D.J.P.A.W. remix) (5:23)
23 - The Tunnel (Chip Holland remix) (6:15)
24 - The Tunnel (Planet Trax vocalmania) (6:18)

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