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Incubation: Bonus Disk

Game info

Name: Incubation
Alternate name: Incubation: Time Is Running Out (full U.S. title), Incubation: Battle Isle Phase Four (full European title)
Characteristics: Strategy, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher: Blue Byte
Developer: Blue Byte
Original/port composers: Haiko Ruttmann (Win), Threestyle (Win)
PC Windows (1997) - Europe
PC Windows (30 Sep 1997)

Music info

Released: 30 Sep 1997
Related Plaform: PC Windows
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composers of these tunes: Haiko Ruttmann, Threestyle
Music type: Bonus Disk
My rating: 7/10
Num of tunes: 19
Num of CDs: 1
Play time: 52:38 (est)

My info

You can listen to few nice motives from Incubation, but the rest is too ambient. On the other side, very fresh and cool are the additional tunes from Archimedean Dynasty (cool fast techno tunes) and Extreme Assault (with classic leading Extreme Assault motive and also some soft-techno), which are also included on this CD as the bonus tracks. [7/10]

User reviews

Facts / description

This CD goes free with the limited edition of the Incubation game. It does not contain only the Incubation tracks, but also some tracks from Archimedean Dynasty and Extreme Assault as bonus. I think all these tracks are done by Haiko Ruttman, and it's very interesting that the Extreme Assault tracks from this CD are not on the Extreme Assault soundtrack from Chris Huelsbeck and vice versa. Hmmm, maybe some misunderstandings? :)

The known facts:

Songs 01 and 09 written by Haiko Ruttman (music) and Jonathan Failla (text).
Songs 02-07 written by Haiko Ruttman.
Song 08 written and performed by Threestyle band (feat. : Sren Jordan, Marcel Millor, Thomas Saur and UMBO).


01 - Incubation of an Insect Nation (Version 1) (2:55)
02 - First Contact (3:29)
03 - Behind the Walls (2:20)
04 - The Powerstation (2:51)
05 - Hallwa City (2:44)
06 - Under the City - Battlefieds (2:34)
07 - The Spaceport (3:33)
08 - Incubation Intro (7:12)
09 - Incubation of an Insect Nation (Version 2) (2:55)
10 - Bonus Track - Archimedean Dynasty - Below (3:27)
11 - Bonus Track - Archimedean Dynasty - Aqua (3:08)
12 - Bonus Track - Archimedean Dynasty - Pressure (1:31)
13 - Bonus Track - Archimedean Dynasty - Blue Darness (1:00)
14 - Bonus Track - Extreme Assault - Extro (3:30)
15 - Bonus Track - Memories (2:20)
16 - Bonus Track - Extreme Assault - No Enemy (3:14)
17 - Bonus Track - Extreme Assault - Level X (3:29)
18 - Bonus Track - Extreme Assault - Into the Jungle (3:31)
19 - Bonus Track - Extreme Assault - AHA 1-X (4:41)

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