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Back in Time 3: A Space Odyssey

(music related with Commodore 64/128)

Music info

Released: May 2001
Related Plaform: Commodore 64/128
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composers of these tunes: Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Jogeir Liljedahl, Boz, Izzard, Chris Abbott, Fabian del Priore, Marcel Donne, Puffy64, Scherer, O2, Iridium, Mike Andrews
Info Source: synSONIQ Records
Music type: Arranged soundtrack
My rating: 9/10
Num of tunes: 17
Num of CDs: 1
Catalogue Nr.: C64-CD4
Play time: 1:19:29

My info

This is third soundtrack from the rare series of professionally arranged Commodore 64 game tunes. This time it was concepted as themed soundtrack to space tunes, so you can find here most famous space arrangements. The quality of arrangements is really very high, and together with cool melodies and ideas of original C64 tunes you will listen to great thing! [9/10]

User reviews

Facts / description

2001 sees a change of direction for the Back In Time series: a themed CD with the basis in this volume being space and space-related C64 game themes. From the Christopher Franke-esque Babylon 5-like rendition of W.A.R., lovingly re-created by Rob Hubbard himself, to the orchestral reworkings of the Zoids main theme that sound right out of the film Dune, along with the powerful Industrial feel of Armalyte (and that pretty much echoes the C64 version), the slightly panicky feel of One Man and His Droid which sounds like Space 1999 on steroids, the Philip-Glass inspired epic that is the Delta theme which seems to last forever but in a nice way, and rounding things off nicely with a Return of the Jedi, Ewok song like rendition of the uplifting high score theme from the unique and surreal Wizball game, this is a CD that is not just painstakingly recreated workings of C64 game themes. Its a soundtrack, not just for C64 fans, but for sci-fi fans and indeed a generation of film soundtrack fans to boot.

Listen to the wide open spaces and imagine them.

Listen to the love and attention that has gone into the pieces from the composers and collaborators.

But most of all, listen with an open mind and enjoy.

Warren Pilkington
11 May, 2001.

More info at http://www.c64audio.com/bit3/bit3.htm


01. "Agent X 2" - The Launch  
02. "War" - First Steps Into The Cosmos
03. "Ancestors" - Zoids Planet Flyby
04. "Shadowfire" - Hyperspace
05. "Armalyte" - Asteroid Storm
06. "Phantoms Of The Asteroids" - The Chase
07. "Parallax Stroll" - The Nebula
08. "Ancestors" - Zoids Desert Battle
09. "Flash Gordon" - The City Escape
10. "One Man And His Droid" - Canyon Chase 
11. "The Last V8" - Race Against Time
12. "Delta In-Game" - The Voyage Home
13. "Trap" - Battle For The Planet Part 1
14. "Eve Of The War" - Facing The Aliens
15. "Trap" - Battle For The Planet Part 2
16. "Wizball High Score" - The Celebrations 
17. "Ancestors" - End Credits

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