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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Mark Seibert

Company: Sierra
Member of groups: Omega Sunrise
Homepage: www.markseibert.com

Credits 1987 - 2001:

King's Quest 4 Musician/Editor
Silpheed Music editor
Police Quest 2 - Composer
Space Quest 3 Musician/Editor
Conquests of Camelot - Composer
Quest for Glory 1 - Composer
King's Quest 5 - Composer
Firehawk Music Director
Leisure Suit Larry 5 Music Director
Space Quest 4 Music Director
Dr. Brain Music Director/Musician
Oilswell Music Director
Hoyles Music Director
Police Quest 3 Music Director
Quest for Glory 2 Music Director
Fairytales - Music Director/Musician
Quest for Glory 3 Music Director
Island of Dr. Brain Music Director
Hoyles 2 Music Director
Laura Bow: Dagger of Amon Ra Music Director
EcoQuest Music Director
King's Quest 1 VGA Music Director
Space Quest 1 VGA - Music Director
Police Quest 1 VGA - Music Director
Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA - Music Director
Conquests of the Longbow Music Director/Composer
King's Quest 6 Wrote and produced "Girl in the Tower"
Pepper's Adventures in Time Producer/Musician
The Shadow of Yserbius (Boxed version) - Producer
King's Quest 7 Producer/Musician
Phantasmagoria Producer/Composer
Torin's Passage - Producer
Leisure Suit Larry 7 Producer/Musician
King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Producer/Musician/Co-Designer
Arcanum Executive Producer
Throne of Darkness Executive Producer

From Mark Seibert's website, http://www.markseibert.com/credits.htm

Original game music from Mark Seibert:

Music originally composed by Mark Seibert and these tunes are made by Mark Seibert as well:

Game music originally related to Mark Seibert:

Game music where was Mark Seibert found between original/port composers, but these tunes are actually done by someone else (they can be either arranged tunes, or converted game rips, or tunes where Mark Seibert composed the tunes for different platform. [in the brackets is original tune's release date]:


Games which composed Mark Seibert music in: (if there is platform in the parenthesis, it means the composer composed or ported the music for this platform)

Record created/updated: 7. August 2004.
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