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Pinball Dreams: Game rip
"Great upload; great soundtrack" (by bruce t, 31 Dec 2015) [10/10]
One of my all time favourite game soundtracks. High quality upload. Can't get over the fact that the whole soundtrack is 398 kb! Amazingly efficient file format.

Vantage Master OST: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"great" (by gosam001, 7 Oct 2015) [10/10]
I lovethis game... love 90s stuff...

Psycho Pinball: Game rip
"Great arcade-like music" (by Gashren, 2 Oct 2015) [10/10]
Really loved playing this game. I love the music.

Warcraft: Game rip
"Horrendous rip" (by Quinlan82, 22 Sep 2015) [1/10]
Nothing against this great soundtrack in general but this rip sounds really horrible. It's neither the GM/SC, nor the OPL version of the game.

1830 Railroads and Robber Barons: Game rip
"Good here, better in game." (by Dvd Avins, 18 Sep 2015) [9/10]
The music in the game is surprisingly catchy for MIDI files of 1994. The timbre of notes changes within the note. Each piece is played in the background in a loop, with game context eventually switching the background to another selection.

Most of the time, with MIDI of this era that doesn't stop playing, I get tired of it and switch of the sound eventually. Here, the orchestration (yes, well executed simulated instruments) is so well done and the beat is so good that it gets catchier the longer it goes on. That's more true for some of the modern pieces that play when high-level trains are out than for the earlier pieces, but none of them are bad.

The music played from here sounds somewhat different, which I've heard happen before in archives. More disappointing, I think some of the high-numbered files are truncated--they end in the middle of a phrase and not in a way that could loop back to the beginning. Still, it's nice to be able to play it while the game isn't running.

I don't know how to rate this. The music in the game deserves at least a 9. The archive is more a 6 or 7. I'll give it a 9, but beware.

Lemmings 2: Game rip
"One of the latest gems on Lemmings music" (by Retronostalgia, 10 Sep 2015) [8/10]
I don't think L2 Tribes ever surpased OG Lemmings tunes, but for me it was like "the next vision" in music department in my childhood.

Lotus 3: Game rip
"Great Themes" (by 607, 20 Jun 2015) [10/10]
I love these. All 6 themes are quite different, and they're all awesome. Some are really heavy and strong, some light and happy. They're all upbeat and really nice to listen to. I definitely recommend these, I'd even rate this 9.5/10, which rounds up to 10/10!

Lost Vikings, The: Game rip
"Great, Upbeat and Diverse" (by 607, 14 Jun 2015) [8/10]
All 5 level themes have a different theme, examples being Egyptian or Space Ship. They fit their theme well. They have a nice beat, and feel good. Quite usable in other games as well.

Grand Prix Circuit: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Grandwe" (by AdriangaAl, 10 Jun 2015) [10/10]
The music my favourite and to go

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"SUPERB" (by Arclite, 13 May 2015) [10/10]
Thanks for ripping this !!! :DD

Deus Ex: Game rip
"Great!" (by Beefy, 27 Apr 2015) [8/10]
Uploading success.
Icarus has seen you.

Turrican 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Not that bad!" (by Beefy, 27 Apr 2015) [6/10]
Pretty decent, it is just fine. Needs better samples.

Lands Of Lore: Game rip
"My favs still my favs here ;p" (by MabsKMK, 19 Apr 2015) [8/10]
Just wonderful
Lands_11, Lands_17, Lands_54, Lands_67, Lands_69, Lands_76
Nice work Frank!

Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
"Re: in terms of objection by Rarfl" (by Verbatim, 27 Mar 2015) [8/10]
Hello Rarl!

Track: MOD12 i have analyzed, this is no important track to enjoy the entire soundtrack, its a few second piano part of a out of tune phrase

Track:Mod26 i could not convert from MT32 2gm, the Files its difficuilt to handle but i have made a record via munt-mt32 emulator, to explore this sequence and open it to your mind, sorry for bad quality, its a short trip only but sweet


Track:MOD35 i could fix and plays fine

sorry for the trouble, i dont understand how could this happen, maybe i was confused at this day to make the gm-file collection ;)

BreakQuest: Game rip
"awsom 10/10" (by Diatonator, 22 Mar 2015) [10/10]
Awesome music, awesome composers, what can i say. I dont know the game, but "Maniacs of noise" are really the maniacs! ov noise! ov music noise!

Boom (Macintosh): Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Wonderful chiptunes!" (by Zemmargorp, 22 Mar 2015) [10/10]
Here's my arranged version of the original tunes published by Dr. Spa. I fixed some bugs in the music files, without changing the melody. It should be now identical to the original game's musics.

They're definitely wonderful chiptunes.
Really. Download the pack. Go for it!

Boom (Macintosh): Game rip
"Fantastic!" (by Zemmargorp, 22 Mar 2015) [9/10]
I'm so happy of having found these musics in such an appropriate file format! It's smaller than MP3, and it's way better for editing. Thanks to Dr. Spa for sharing it!

Unfortunately, some tunes did not play well for me - Warcow probably had the same problem! I tried to arrange them, and managed to do it without changing the melody.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLES with this version of the music, try to DOWNLOAD THE ARRANGED VERSION I published.

Unreal Tournament: Game rip
"UT Music" (by Louis Cypher, 17 Mar 2015) [10/10]
Still rullez the games , i use it to play CS:GO, Foregone (from Facing Worlds ) it's perfect for background during matches

Deus Ex: Game rip
"10/10 - IGN" (by Rchew2, 15 Mar 2015) [10/10]
As a child failing to transition through puberty, this soundtrack assisted me more in my genital development than Ron Jeremy's 7 day package.

Metal Slug X: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Literally The Best OST In The History Of Arcade Games!" (by khrwani, 9 Mar 2015) [10/10]
First of all, i want to thank you for your effort and hard-work to keep this awesome website online for such long time, and i really hope it will continue to be around for soo long!

Then, let's talk about this magnificent oldie game, it has about all the criteria you need to have fun every time you played it even if it's for the N time (like myself) added the awesome OST that is truly a masterpiece in it's kind!

I really love this game and it's music of course, and really hope it gonna be remaked in a more sophisticated and modern version very soon!

Thanks again for sharing this OST!!

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