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My reviews

These are all tunes that have been reviewed by me (Mirsoft). If you want to see the best tunes according my rating, click here. Btw., I'll be really happy if you will add some reviews to music records, if you have different opinion than me, or if you see your favourite album is not reviewed yet. The reviews don't have to be long, it's enough if they will be as long as mine. Just click Add your review and follow the few steps there.

Showing reviews 1-20 from 484:

3D Ultra Pinball 2: Game rip (Dos) [6/10] [1996]
Only one short track in CD audio (the rest is in MIDI), and it's really weird. :)

7/11: Music of 7th Guest and 11th Hour [7/10] [1997] HML-1001
Well, something for true horror fans. The 7th Guest, one of the first "infamous" intractive CD movie games may have questionable gameplay, but it sure had great soundtrack. And all the tunes you can see on this CD, some are singing themes, etc. Cool scary soundtrack, not very melodic, but it has THE athmosphere.

Acropolis: Game rip (Win) [4/10] [28 Sep 2001]
I deleted it, the tracks were too monotone, I almost slept and they didn't wake me :)

Action Soccer: Game rip (Dos) [6/10] [1995]
Only few tunes and they are not bad, but they won't change anyone's life ;) Simply classic background tunes in football game.

Actua Pool: Game rip [8/10] [Jan 1999]
These tunes surprised me a lot, because I didn't expect such a good soundtrack for pool game! Surprisingly, you can see very differend music styles, from rock tracks through soul to dance ones. I don't know how it will pass to the pool game, but for pure listening it is great!

Adidas Power Soccer: Game rip [8/10] [Sep 1996]
Very nice football tunes, one of the best tunes in the soccer games. Though there are only 3 tracks, but what would you expect from soccer game? :))

Aegis: Guardian of the Fleet: Game rip (Dos) [9/10] [1994]
Short but very nice soundtrack with cool melodies and ideas. Imagine flying airplanes, which cross the long plains and... eh eh :)

Age of Empires 2: Game rip [8/10] [22 Sep 1999]
Beautiful medieval music with many melodies and ideas.

Age of Wonders 2: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [12 Jun 2002]
Very promising tunes, though I have only 3 tunes from demoversion. But especially the action passage in 'FireSong' is great! :)

Age of Wonders 2: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [12 Jun 2002]
Nice mediaval tunes, though not so good as in Age of Wonders 1, but still good enough to be above average.

Age Of Wonders: Game rip (Win) [10/10] [11 Nov 1999] Music Download Info
These are one of the best tracked tunes I ever heard!! :) I named and ordered the tracks as I thought they should be played in the player. Last two tracks play only in the demoversion.

Agile Warrior F-111X: Game rip [6/10] [21 Nov 1995]
Average fast rock-guitar tracks. Some tunes are quite good and have also some melodies and ideas, some others I found simply too boring.

Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [1995] Music Download Info
Great fast racing tunes and all in mods!

Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing: Game rip (Win) [8/10] [1995]
Cool fast racing tunes, which are great, only some issues are there - the tunes are "too repetitive", and you can hear that mod-source from "computerized" guitars there, but who cares? :)

Alfred Chicken: Game rip [7/10] [1993]
Very childish jump'n'run tunes, maybe "too childish", but if you will imagine jumping chicken between obstacles, you don't need other tunes :))

Aliens versus Predator (Fox Interactive): Game rip [7/10] [1999]
Very scary and long soundtrack with tunes that drastically change volume from slow and low to fast and high... If you can listen to silent passages loudly, you sure will be insulted by a loud ones. Well, nobody expects aliens when they come.. :)

Allister Brimble: Sounds Digital [9/10] [01 Dec 1993] AMBCD1
Very nice slow melodic tunes - some played on guitars, some are electronically made. The album is little bit in Bjorn Lynne's style albums, and there are some of the best Allister Brimble game's tracks (Assassin and Project X) rearranged with new instruments. Though most of the CD contains newly created studio-made instrumental music, you can see that cool Amiga-feel there (well, is it bad or good? :) )

Alone In The Dark 2: Game rip [9/10] [1993]
The game seemed to be a horror adventure in Xmas city, but the tunes are mostly happy and slow (sometimes with Xmas motives). But because they are very well made and have cool melodies, it results in great experience!

Alone in the Dark 3: Game rip [7/10] [17 Mar 1995]
As in Alone in the Dark 2, also here are very nice tunes often with common motives, but comparing to the predecessor are not so "fresh" and don't have so many ideas. But still good listening.

Ambermoon: Game rip [8/10] [1993]
Only one 1-minute short tune with quality like it should be from ZX Spectrum :) But it has sooo nice melody... Reminds me really Spectrum times ;)

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