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My reviews

These are all tunes that have been reviewed by me (Mirsoft). If you want to see the best tunes according my rating, click here. Btw., I'll be really happy if you will add some reviews to music records, if you have different opinion than me, or if you see your favourite album is not reviewed yet. The reviews don't have to be long, it's enough if they will be as long as mine. Just click Add your review and follow the few steps there.

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Amberstar: Game rip [7/10] [1990]
Very nice and melodic adventurous tunes, but they have very low quality. Some passages are simply unlistenable because of that. I recommend to use original Game rips in HIP (Amiga Exotic) format instead of these.

American Mcgee's Alice: Arranged soundtrack (Win) [9/10]
What an athmosphere has this soundtrack! Unlike many other horror sountracks, it has not only great scary tunes, but also many cool ideas, and it's very listenable and scary. Only very few horror soundtracks have these features, and it's really pity it was never released officially, it would fill 2 CDs of great listening.

Apidya: Arranged soundtrack (Amiga) [9/10] [01 Jan 1997] ACD2
One of few soundtracks to Amiga's games, and this is again from true master, Chris Huelsbeck. And what a soundtrack it is! The in-game tunes have been great, very melodic and very different motives, but the arrangements are absolutely awesome. Only bad thing (and reason why this game won't become 10/10) are again some non-game dance tracks, which fill around 15 minutes and which are rather bad on this CD.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura: Game rip (Win) [6/10] [21 Aug 2001]
Because the tracks are released also on the original soundtrack, this one I have deleted

Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura: Original soundtrack (Win) [6/10] [2001]
Nice violin and bass tracks. Nothing horribly great, but it's listenable.

Arya Vaiv: Game rip (Amiga) [7/10] [1994]
Classical Amiga music, you can see typical 'chiptune' feel sometimes. Tunes are fast, as fit for shoot'em up.

Assault Rigs: Game rip [9/10] [1995]
Fantastic cyber-tunes! After the not-so-great intro tune you can hear very original and cool cyber-experience, which makes this soundtrack one of the real best!

AstroRock: Game rip [5/10]
Nothing special, just 7 guitar rock tunes, where you can "smell" hard synthetized guitar feeling :) I just had missing few MBs on the CD, so it's saved from deleting :)) I left for myself only first two of them. :)

Atlantis 2: Original soundtrack (Win) [9/10] [01 Jan 2000] MMM-0699
This soundtrack is very different from the ones you can hear. There are many great ambient tunes from all over the world. Great athmosphere, instruments, sometimes singing makes from this soundtrack awesome experience. Especially well done is CD1 which is one of the best CDs I ever heard (and maybe tracks 02 and 03 are the best). CD2 is a bit more athmospheric, so there is sometimes lag of melodies, but this soundtrack is still something extra special. "Must have" is weak word to describe it.

Atlantis 3: Game rip [9/10] [12 Dec 2001]
Cryo has great nose on musicians - though Atlantis 3 soundtrack hasn't been done by Pierre Esteve (creator of one of the best soundtracks ever - Atlantis 2), this one is very high class too. Wonderful athmospheric tunes with lot of feeling and ideas. Unfortunately, I know only about game rip, and the quality of tunes in the game is rather lower as it is worth of this music.

Aural Planet: Part: Second [8/10] [2000] PREC-0001
Ten nice trance tunes, with lot of fresh ideas and energy.

Back in Time 3: A Space Odyssey (C64) [9/10] [May 2001] C64-CD4
This is third soundtrack from the rare series of professionally arranged Commodore 64 game tunes. This time it was concepted as themed soundtrack to space tunes, so you can find here most famous space arrangements. The quality of arrangements is really very high, and together with cool melodies and ideas of original C64 tunes you will listen to great thing!

Banjo-Kazooie: Original soundtrack (N64) [9/10] [1998] 3055-1-1
Very nice tunes, though little bit childish (what would you expect from childish jump'n'run game?). But because I'm a proud big child, I like it very much :)

Banjo-Tooie: Original soundtrack (N64) [8/10] [2000] 231773Z1
Cool melodic happy tunes, as made for Jump'n'Run game, but not only for that! :) Though they don't reach quality of its predecessor Banjo-Kazooie, it's still very nice listening.

Banshee: Game rip [6/10] [1994]
Only two tunes, seems only like intro tunes or something. Second is faster techno tunes. Few ideas, quite nice but I heard better ones. :)

Batman Returns: Game rip [8/10] [15 Dec 1992]
Surprisingly good soundtrack! Nice guitar and synthesized melodies.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Game rip [9/10] [01 Jan 1995]
Very nice, but hard fighting tunes with many various themes and melodies. Real jewel between beat'em up tunes.

Battle Isle 2: Game rip (Dos) [1993] Music Download Info
One of the masterwork from Haiko Ruttmann. I remember that I played this game very long time only because of the music (hehe I don't like turn based strategies very much). And it still rocks!

Battle Realms: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [08 Nov 2001]
Wow, what a nice mix of mediaval and oriental melodies :) And how many tunes! :) They really fit to this game very much and are also very listenable => must have! :)

Beetle Crazy Cup: Game rip (Win) [9/10] [2000]
Let's take a car, go to a trip and play radio - this is the music like in this game. Great simple moldic tunes, result in cool soundtrack! Too bad I have a very low quality version, but it brings to this music nice 60s quality experience :)))

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