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cyberium information

Nick: cyberium

cyberium's reviews:

    Fury3 & Hellbender: Game rip
    "I can listen to this music on repeat" (by cyberium, 19 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Following in the footsteps of Terminal Velocity, another great game with great music for its time, Fury 3 and Hellbender also truly has some quality music to show off. Listening to this kind of music surely makes a gamers mind drift off into distant worlds - these tunes have got style. I can listen to this on repeat for a long time..just what I need :) And now that I have got all the MOD tunes, I can remix them myself, oh joy :)

    Tempest 2000: Game rip
    "Only one out of these seven MODs was any good, I think" (by cyberium, 19 Apr 2004) [4/10]
    Never really played the game, but still wanted to check out the music. Only barely a couple of the seven MOD files are good, I think. Of course, it is a different matter in-game. I will keep the files, but I doubt I will play them very often, if at all (except for the intro tune).

    Radix: Beyond the Void: Game rip
    "Fast techno music, with a tough, hard rock edge" (by cyberium, 19 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Do I remember playing this game some years ago - it rocked, and so does the music. Truly something of its own, Radix would not have been what it is if not for its music. This is fast techno music, with a tough, hard rock edge.

    Somebody make more music like this, hard, heavy and fast (pure instrumental only).