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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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PrismO information

Nick: PrismO

PrismO's reviews:

    1000 Miglia: Game rip
    "uHh ?!" (by PrismO, 28 Jul 2007) [3/10]
    Samples are clearly out of tune ! Average composing skills.

    Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
    "3D Bonus track ?" (by PrismO, 19 May 2007) [9/10]
    That rip collection is NEAR perfect because of a missing track.... my FAV track : 3D Bonus Stage. Am I the only one who think it should be in there ?

    Epic Pinball: Game rip
    "Andoid song" (by PrismO, 9 Aug 2005) [9/10]
    Yeah, these pieces of music really rocks: lots of energy, nice bass samples, and they truely express the mood of each table.

    P.S.: I have 2 different versions of Epin Pinball: v2.0 and v2.1. Each version use a different music for the Android table, but they both seems to be tracked by Robert Allen (based on credits). The one in this zip file is from the v2.1. I'm looking for the v2.0 music file.... and I think "first/last" was looking for it too :)