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Pathogen information

Nick: Pathogen

Pathogen's reviews:

    Warcraft 2: Game rip
    "Awesomeness" (by Pathogen, 2 Jan 2006) [8/10]
    The game's audio is and always has been one of its strong points. Two things will always stick with me about this game, Bill Roper's humorous voiceovers and Glen Stafford's awesome music.

    It not only fits perfectly but adds a whole new level of ambience to WC2. WC2 is pretty dated by today's standards, but the music never gets old. For those who remember playing WC2 back in the old days listening to the music is almost as great a nostalgia trip as playing the actual game.

    Rather than the jingly techno tunes in the prequel or the low-key ambiental crap in the sequel, WC2's midis strike a good balance between atmosphere and pace. The only doubt I've got is that some of the Orc tracks sound a bit too peaceful and reflective for a race of bloodthirsty savages. And the human victory tracks sound a bit wavery. But those are small complaints, overall.

    Doom 2: Game rip
    "Call me crazy, but..." (by Pathogen, 15 Nov 2005) [6/10]
    Frankly, I didn't enjoy Doom II's music as much as I did its' prequel. Bobby Prince's strange yet palpable music for Doom was worth listening to outside of the game, but Doom II?

    In most of the midis, you get about ten bars or so that get repeated endlessly throughout the track, with a few variations in pitch/sound in an attempt to add variety. Some of the tunes are catchy, but there's so little repetition it quickly becomes irritating listening to the same stuff over and over again. It's like "The Song that Never Ends" that kids used to sing at my primary school.

    Another problem is that most of the midis are quiet and underspoken, which might be appropriate in a horror-based survival game just doesn't cut it with Doom II's demon-blasting gut-wrenching non-stop action. There are some decent midis in the game, but this definitely isn't music that belongs in a game like Doom II.

    Claw: Game rip
    "Catchy and suitable" (by Pathogen, 31 Jul 2005) [9/10]
    Claw's a great game, and these midis are top notch. I actually converted the music from .xmi format myself and was planning to upload it here, looks like someone beat me too it. Oh well. xD

    The music fits the game's pirate-ish theme extremely well and ranks among my favourite game midis (with Warcraft II and Doom being close contenders). It's the sort that you find yourself humming involuntarily and they stay insistant without becoming repeditive. The only one I didn't enjoy was the one for level 3, The Footpath. I thought it was a bit too muddled and lacked a clear structure and path. But overall, excellent music.