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Last updated: 1.July, 2021.
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YaroslaF information

Nick: YaroslaF

YaroslaF's reviews:

    Jogeir Liljedahl: The Wanderer
    "Great guitar music you can never fed up with..." (by YaroslaF, 7 Nov 2005) [10/10]
    First of all, I like very much "scandinavian" style of music (e.g. Skaven, Purple Motion and others from the golden demo scene times). When I found this album, I was amazed. Really fantastic piece of music. It is similar to some Mike Oldfield's albums. If you like electronic and guitar ambient music you have to listen this one! And the last thing: this album doesn't contain boring tracks - every track is beautiful...

    AlShark: Original soundtrack
    "CD with 1 great track and lots of boring fillings :(" (by YaroslaF, 28 Sep 2004) [3/10]
    One of the "action" soundtracks, but you can find some slow tracks there. I think if this CD was shorter it would get better rating from me. I have 4 favourite track from this album (1,6,8,10) and rest is insipid.

    The best track is #8, I recommend it!

    Sorry for rating, but I can't give this album more for 4 good tracks.

    Grand Theft Auto 3: Game rip
    "Not "real" game music, but nice and FUNNY!" (by YaroslaF, 28 Sep 2004) [5/10]
    The music is divided by radio channels. I think every person can find favourite channel. I like Flashback, because 80's are my best:) The tracks are not orchestral ones, all of them are songs which come under one of many styles.

    But the best track is not musical one but spoken one. Chatterbox rules:) It is about 1 hour of amazing and funny radio talkshow.

    I can't seriously rate this music because it is not usual "game music", so sorry for the rating...

    Colonization: Game rip
    "Great traditional music" (by YaroslaF, 28 Sep 2004) [8/10]
    I have bought Colonization game CD few years ago, because there were audio tracks on the CD :)
    I love this game and I think the selected traditional music in this game is excellent. Playing Colonization with music brings new experiences. And Colonization music is the one which I can listen to without the game.
    The best track is The fountain of youth, I love it...

    This CD is not well known, but it contains great pieces of traditional music. You have to listen them!

    Grandia 2: Melodia
    "Poor soundtrack :(" (by YaroslaF, 28 Sep 2004) [2/10]
    I really like Noriyuki Iwadare, but unfortunately this CD is not valuable enough. I don't like this soundtrack. Maybe the tracks are not in my favourite style. Nvertheless, I found some good track here. Track 03 (Digital Museum) lasts just 20 seconds and contains Grandia theme. And the last track (07 - Miken) is the best one of whole the album. I wonder if it is just coincidence that this track sounds like one of the Moulin Rouge OST songs... Who knows.

    Anyway, this CD really is not the "must have" one :(

    Turrican: Arranged soundtrack
    "Simply one of the best VGM." (by YaroslaF, 25 Jun 2004) [10/10]
    Many years ago I was searching and searching to get this album. And one day my dream came true :)
    Chris Huelsbeck is the best german game music composer and Turrican is his greatest work. It is not usual to hear VGM album with many different tracks which you rate 10/10. I know many great albums with usually one or a few great track(s) and the rest is "the sauce". But Turrican is a exception, this album is loaded with majority of 10/10 tracks.
    The album starts with introduction to the game - the spoken track. Nevermind, it is just the beginning:) Then the MUSIC begins. There are lot of combat music tracks and at the end of album there are also some slow ones. The last track MEDLEY is like resume of all the tracks before.
    I cannot rate this album else than 10/10 and cannot get bored playing it.
    And last information: I have never played the game Turrican. (For the ones who have some favourite CD just for he or she has played the game and want to remember those great times by listening the game music.)
    I hope it was at least a little comprehensible.

    Note: All thoughts above are my own opinions so you haven't to agree with them. But you could take them as an advice and try to listen this album, you'll be surprised ;)