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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Kojiro_S information

Nick: Kojiro_S
Homepage: infinity.awardspace.us

Kojiro_S says:

Ku ku ku~

Kojiro_S's reviews:

    Samurai Shodown: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Nice compendium" (by Kojiro_S, 5 Oct 2006) [7/10]
    This file seems to have tunes from the first three games. They're not that many, but they are nice anyway.

    I missed "Darkness", the bgm for the battle vs Amakusa :(

    Breath of Fire 3: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Mmmm... not that good." (by Kojiro_S, 5 Oct 2006) [5/10]
    Only two tunes, and both were just carbon-copies of the originals.

    Breath of Fire 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Aaah, pretty :D" (by Kojiro_S, 5 Oct 2006) [9/10]
    The different instruments make it sound slightly better than the original.

    Nice set of instruments for the ending theme. Like the original, but (again) better.

    Town church theme, almost identical to the original... but for some reason it sounds a bit weird to me O__O

    Doesn't sound like a synth sample, so it's better than the original :D

    Pretty much the same as the original.

    Music that plays after Barbaroy shreds you and Boche at the beginning of the game. Good.

    This arranged theme of the "Face your Destiny" bgm sounds quite nice, retaining its epic nature. Sweet.

    Similar to the original, but with better instruments.

    -Breath of Fire II - Battle Theme.xm
    Arranged tune of the first battle theme with some heavy instruments. Still quite similar to the original, but this sounds way better.

    Arranged theme of the Evrai church bgm, this one sounds QUITE nice! Has a goth feeling to it as the original, but doesn't sound like it at all :D

    A complete remix of Deathevans' battle theme. Sounds awfully weird, but not necesarily bad.

    Breath of Fire: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Not bad..." (by Kojiro_S, 5 Oct 2006) [5/10]
    They sound pretty similar to the originals. Only one (the first battle theme) seems to have a higher tempo, and it sounds pretty nice.

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "A good set, though there is a duplicated song in between" (by Kojiro_S, 13 Jun 2006) [7/10]
    Quite similar to its in-game counterpart, but this tune has maracas replacing the clapping. The end of the tune comes kind of a sudden, so it loops badly.

    Remix of the Gerudo Valley theme with a lower scale of notes. Catchy.

    *Link's House
    Way too MIDIsh lol.

    *Hyrule Castle Town
    Decent enough. MIDIsh trumpets and pipes, but a clear tambourine.

    *Zelda5 - Kakariko Village
    Quite a faithful version of the present Kakariko theme.

    *Kakariko Village
    Another version of present Kakariko theme. This one would have been nice, had those bizarre trumpet-like thingies that come from nowhere been silenced or replaced with something more harmonious.

    *Kakariko Slow Rock
    A remix of present Kakariko. The title is self explanatory.

    *Saria's Song
    The ocarina sounds too unnatural. Everything else is perfect. Catchy, but it doesn't loop too well.

    *Saria and the Lost Woods
    A good conversion. Has all the good things of the original, plus the ocarina was replaced by a stronger flute.

    *Song of Storms--2nd Ed.
    Nice conversion of the Windmill theme, and as catchy as the original.

    *Z5: Prelude of Light
    MIDIsh, but clean. Overall good conversion.

    *Zelda5 Mix
    A pretty nice medley of the Title Screen, Kakariko that also loops perfectly fine.

    Initial part of the theme played when escaping Ganon's tower. The part played sounds exactly as the original, but it's too short to be of any use IMO.

    *Zelda64: Staff Roll
    The epilogue's theme, or should I say, the start of it. This is quite short (it loops nicely though).

    *Zelda 64: Shop Theme
    A weird variant of this theme. Its nice to hear, but not quite catchy.

    *Dragoon-kun's Z:OoT Mix
    This one is exactly the same as the "Zelda5 Mix" comented above, but with another name :P

    Mario Kart 64: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Rainbow Road theme is NICE :D" (by Kojiro_S, 13 Jun 2006) [9/10]
    *MK64 Rainbow Road in Chip
    What the title says lol. Sounds quite nice in chip, MIDIsh (as expected) but catchy. I think its pace is faster than the original (just a little).

    *Mario Kart 64: Ending
    The ending theme sounds pretty good. The trumpet is too strong but it's still good stuff.

    *MK64--Rainbow Road
    This one is quite faithful to its original, but the change of instruments revamps it somehow IMO.

    Super Mario 64: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Sweet" (by Kojiro_S, 13 Jun 2006) [10/10]
    -Bowser's Stage: Mario 64
    Pretty good use of drums, and the echo gives a lot of ambient. Nice.

    -Dire, Dire Docks
    A soothing xylophone tune. Quite faithful to the original theme.

    -Dire, Dire Docks-Full Ver.
    Version with extra instruments that plays in the underwater cave. Catchy.

    Ending theme spiced with enviromental sounds and Mario's voice. Some parts sound just like the real thing, while others sound MIDIsh. Good stuff.

    -Metal Cap Mario
    Quite a nice adaptation of this theme. Quick-paced, catchy and loopy.

    Same as above. This one is a bit weird compared to the original, though.

    Dire Dire Docks theme with an electric piano and lots of drumming. Pretty.

    -Wing Cap Mario-2nd Edition
    Samba-like version of the winged and invisible caps' theme. Catchy.

    Zelda 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Some are good, some are bad... such is life" (by Kojiro_S, 12 Jun 2006) [7/10]
    Remix of the Town theme. It sounds like a church tune, but has some weird noises on the second half that make no sense IMHO.

    -from zelda 2
    Remix of Hyrule Temple. Quite lively, but it only lasts 6 seconds, so it only has the initial part of the original.

    -Zelda II: Ganon's Palace
    Theme of the Grand Palace. MIDIsh, but I still liked it.

    -zelda2 palace theme
    Remix of Hyrule Temple. This one is quite elaborated, with an Aztec-like feel to it. Quite nicely arranged enviromental SFXs as well.

    -Zelda II-Battle Music
    Theme of hostile lands. Quite nice.

    -untitled (z2bonus)
    Exact copy of the magic learnt theme. Has a big silence at the end though.

    -Zelda II:Boss Battle
    Remix of the boss theme (lol really?). Better than the original IMHO.

    -Zelda II-Battle Music
    Theme of hostile lands. Sounds like its original counterpart, but the percussion clapping is stronger.

    -Zelda 2: Grand Palace
    Theme of the Grand Palace (NOWAY!!11). Even more MIDIsh than the previous one. I prefer the original (the background piano sounds pretty nice though).

    -untitled (z2ow)
    A clone of the overworld theme without some instruments on certain parts. Lame.

    -untitled (z2owns)
    Conga-like version of the hostile lands' theme. Pretty catchy and loops perfectly.

    -zelda2 (town theme1)
    Way too MIDIsh to my liking.

    -zelda2 (town theme2)
    Same as above. Loops well though.

    -Zelda 2 Palace Theme
    Hyrule Temple theme. Also has an Aztec-like feel, but this one also has some modern instruments, like strong drums or techno stuff. Quite nice IMHO.

    -Parapa Palace
    Hyrule Temple theme. This sounds just GREAT!

    Zelda 4: Link's Awakening: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Songs for all tastes" (by Kojiro_S, 12 Jun 2006) [6/10]
    -Animal Village
    Theme of the Animal Village (no kidding). I find this one kinda lame, but that's just my opinion.

    -Dream Shrine: Zelda 4
    Dream Shrine theme (O'RLY?). Fast start, followed by a faithful version of the original. Loops well.

    -LOZ:LA - Eagle Tower
    Theme of Lv.7 (Eagle Tower, duh). Catches the esence of the original with different instruments. Pretty nifty.

    -Links Awakening
    Remix for Tal Tal Mountain range theme. Pretty catchy, and even has some SFX from the first Zelda.

    -Link's Awakening: Town
    Theme of Mabe Village. Too similar to the original IMHO. The delay at the end is nice (especially for loop play).

    -The Kohonolint Shrine (?)
    Theme of Southern Face Shrine. Similar to the original, but still nice.

    -Wind Fish's Egg
    Remix for Tal Tal Mountain range theme. This one sounds SWEET. Has a cool mixture of instruments and echo effects.

    Remix from the Title screen theme. Kind of awkward for my tastes.

    -zelda goes chip!
    Remix from the Title screen theme & the secret song. Vibration effects in all the notes. I find this one weird as well.

    Super Metroid: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Niiice..." (by Kojiro_S, 12 Jun 2006) [9/10]
    This compilation was pretty nice to hear. Though all four tracks were Brinstar related (3 from upper and 1 for lower Brinstar).

    -Super Metroid Brinstar I:
    Upper Brinstar theme. Sounds MIDIsh, but its still as catchy as the original.

    -First Brinstar Theme:
    Upper Brinstar theme. This one is great. Catchy, nice instruments and a great use of echoing chorus. Too bad it's so short.

    Upper Brinstar theme. This is GREAT!! Lots of instruments and effects, and an ominious march feel. It is even shorter than the previous one, though.

    -Brinstar 1 (Mel):
    Lower Brinstar theme. Sounds pretty clean & the instruments are used accordingly.

    Metroid: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Not bad" (by Kojiro_S, 12 Jun 2006) [6/10]
    The average for the current 3 songs is good enough. I'd say:

    Upper Brinstar theme. It just doesn't sound right to me, sorry.

    Title screen theme. This one is way too similar to its original counterpart. It's still nice to hear though.

    The jewel in the box. This remix is quite good and is worth listening. Includes Title screen, Chozo Ruins and Upper Brinstar themes.