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Lyssy information

Nick: Lyssy

Lyssy's reviews:

    Chrono Trigger: Original soundtrack
    "It doesn't get any better..." (by Lyssy, 22 Jun 2006) [10/10]
    This game, probably the single best RPG to come out for the SNES, naturally had to have a brilliant score to back it up. All the characters main themes are to die for, while the music from the levels themselves you could sit and listen to for hours. I used to leave the game on pause and daydream while the music played in the background. It was beautifully composed and a must have if you've ever played the game or just enjoy great music. This has to be my favourite game score ever.

    Demon's Crest: Game rip
    "The Classics Never Get Old" (by Lyssy, 22 Jun 2006) [9/10]
    This is probably one of the more epic soundtracks for any game out there. The music is thoroughly creepy and haunting, perfect for blasting at halloween or listening to on a stormy night while reading edgar allan poe. If you like spooky music with a medievil dungeon feel, have a listen to some of these songs. One of my personal favourites.