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zomg111 information

Nick: zomg111

zomg111's reviews:

    Strike Commander: Game rip
    "Indeed" (by zomg111, 18 May 2011) [10/10]
    Yes what the previous author said pretty much. Im still playing this soundtrack today as background music to various other games such as League of Legends, random mmos..
    And yes, 10/10 deserved here too.

    Wing Commander 2: Game rip
    "What -no review to this yet?" (by zomg111, 18 May 2011) [10/10]
    Are you guys made of stone? This is an absolute classic and a prime example of early years gaming prosperity. Atmospheric space tracks that will go beneath your skin. Heard there is an anniversary edition of this game out with a digitized version of this soundtrack in superior quality.
    either way, this must be 10/10 anyday.

    Wing Commander Armada: Game rip
    "Another great soundtrack from good ol Origin times" (by zomg111, 18 May 2011) [9/10]
    This soundtrack does not disappoint although it only comes second after Wing Commander/2 and Strike Commander imho. Still some really great and atmospheric space tunes in this pack, especially the awesome spaceship showcase tune (track 40).

    Worms: Game rip
    "Rare case where PC soundtrack > Amiga" (by zomg111, 1 Feb 2008) [5/10]
    just one tune.. and yes in this particular case the pc soundtrack is superior to the amiga one, pc version of this tune sounds "cooler" even if the melody is the same and the sampling rate is actually lower.;)

    gonna get my dosbox out right away.. :D

    Battle Isle 2: Game rip
    "Best memories.." (by zomg111, 25 Jul 2007) [10/10]
    Another gem turned up here. Same as for the first review author i must say i m not biggest fan of turn based strategy, but must also confess that this game was still quite impressive to me, fantastic (to a great part thx to the music), and also great for hot seat multiplayer so we spend countless hours with battle isle 2..

    Browsing through the files i got currently stuck at track 14, will take me some time to move on to another ;)
    I got a little confused due to the description that the midis in the archive are somehow "incorrect", they sound fine to me.
    For playback on my Audigy2 i use Milton Paredes Airfont-340; very enjoyable but if anyone thinks he can recommend an even better free soundfont let me know please.

    Fury3 & Hellbender: Game rip
    "There goes another 10" (by zomg111, 6 Feb 2007) [10/10]
    good job for bringing us this soundtrack, complete, nothing missing as it seems.
    i m convinced though some of the tunes are entitled by mistake as "both-game" in the archive cause they occur only in ONE of the two games each unless of course the music was already in the datafile, but you could not listen to it ingame.

    for the tracks themselves: nice techno, far above the average, suiting the game atmosphere.
    this and Kyle Richards soundtrack of the predecessor terminal velocity shuold not be missed by any half serious gamer/ game music lover :D

    Rise of the Triad: Game rip
    "where is the 11 on this scale?" (by zomg111, 6 Feb 2007) [10/10]
    yes these tunes are awesome.
    i m out of superlatives.
    download unless you re dead already.
    and don t you dare to listen to it with anything less then a high quality gm card.

    Terminal Velocity: Game rip
    "oooh yeah" (by zomg111, 6 Feb 2007) [10/10]
    one of the finest pc mod game sountracks out there; sex, tame, repo, hell, fear, broke, back, alien -don t miss these tracks!

    and get also hellbender/ fury3 soundtrack.

    btw these files have been avail a long time at 3drealms site -nice :)

    Wolfenstein 3d: Game rip
    "Nice Soundtrack but this collection.." (by zomg111, 5 Feb 2007) [6/10]
    ..unfortunatly lacks at least 2 really nice tunes (intro and main menue theme). found the menue tune on the web still looking for the other. then time to complete this archive>>

    Cannon Fodder 2: Game rip
    "similar to cf1 but not worse" (by zomg111, 7 Jan 2007) [8/10]
    actually i prefer the theme song of cannon fodder 2 compared to cf1; featuring even better sarcastic lyrics; yet both soundtracks are quite similar.
    the menu tune is also a sweet, very "classical-amiga"- sounding tune, with a pleasuring deep bass :D

    Cannon Fodder: Game rip
    "don t miss it" (by zomg111, 7 Jan 2007) [8/10]
    a stylish fun tune, not extraordinary but i give it 8/10 for the lyrics (which were connected to a visual persiflage of programmers dressed up in uniforms on the screen).
    i have been playing this on my pc back in the days and of course the amiga version of the undoubtfully well done game tunes surpasses the pc version due to the sampled music.
    too bad the very good main screen tune is missing in this zip!
    thus my rating is for the overall game soundtrack, not just the intro theme :p
    this should not be missed in any proper collection.

    Lands Of Lore: Game rip
    "a classic game, a classic soundtrack" (by zomg111, 7 Jan 2007) [10/10]
    very nice tunes in this one, interesting to listen to one of klepacki s early works and to be amazed of the varity of styles and sounds he covers with this one. even the very short single-event tunes are well done.

    sadly the songs will sound worse then the original opl-3 ingame music i got used to while playing lands excessively back in the days (even when you use a real sbb16/awe) -unless you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy them with quality general midi samples instead.

    Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
    "really nice one" (by zomg111, 3 Nov 2006) [9/10]
    i must agree with other reviewers. really nice tunes, varied and good memories about hours of game fun also like 3 years fun on multiplayer.
    luckily i still got an awe64 running in my second comp :)

    Imperium Galactica 2: Alliances: Game rip
    "Best Space Soundtrack Ever" (by zomg111, 1 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    "IG2 won the YEAR 2000 BAFTA award for best original music."
    nuff said.

    Tunnel B1: Original soundtrack
    "sorry but.." (by zomg111, 1 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    ..browsing through the site owners (simply awesome this collection btw) reviews i found this one and i m sorry but i must say it s greatly underrated. so i m just giving it 10/10 for truth s sake :p

    Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
    "awesome i d die for this" (by zomg111, 1 Nov 2006) [10/10]
    i ve come to this place looking on more information about the soundtrack and its authors because the wikipedia article related to jazz sucks :s.

    what can i say despite really few not so great tunes this is an amazing piece of art, outstanding of course Medivo also my favorite Orbitus -can t stop looping those 1:52 minutes forever. remarkable also how these songs correlate with the original game levels.. the memories ;)

    the package offers the songs in nice quality, actually better then they ever sounded on my 386/40 with SBPRO, i only miss one song which is the one of the first xmas episode lvl 1 also a kickass tune. luckily someone was sharing that .it on edonkey :D

    as for silverball, extreme pinball and (partially) also for epic pinball robert allen and joshua jensen have given us a lot of great tunes. same goes in general for all epic productions which have always been a synonym for outstanding game music -as for outstanding games themselves of course- just remembering unreal 1 soundtrack with love :)

zomg111 as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to zomg111. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, zomg111 probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.