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ian_scho information

Nick: ian_scho

ian_scho's reviews:

    Gauntlet: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Happy days" (by ian_scho, 15 Feb 2010) [8/10]
    While the tunes here don't reproduce that authentic arcade feeling (booming music with a shared tension and your 'amigos' swearing over 10 pence), I'd like to give a shout to the tracks 'gauntlet' for it's authentic feeling and the playful 'Titlearr'. The two Remix works are quite enjoyable as well.

    Dungeon Master 2: Game rip
    "A great fantasy collection" (by ian_scho, 6 May 2009) [10/10]
    Quite simply one of the best collection of midis for dungeon crawling and landscape lauding.

    We have it all here. Outdoors and aery themes, moody snooping tunes, medieval jingles to put your feet up to, and anthems for smacking that big bad guy.

    Highly recommended.

    Elder Scrolls, The: Arena: Game rip
    "I now want to play the game." (by ian_scho, 29 Apr 2009) [8/10]
    There are some excellent tracks here. You can feel atmosphere of some, while others just take you on a journey :)

    Ultima Underworld 2: Game rip
    "A few corrupted midi files?" (by ian_scho, 29 Apr 2009) [5/10]
    I'm using WinMedia Player, and some of these files end up corrupted, or at least playing the same notes over and over.
    For example:
    britani1.mid @ 01:55
    britanni.mid @ 01:48

    ice_cvrn.mid is recorded at a lower volume?

    The tunes that work are great though :)