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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Pyramid Head information

Nick: Pyramid Head
Homepage: www.last.fm/user/Pyramidek

Pyramid Head says:

Instead of game music I listen mainly to electronic/industrial music. Also, I like some old psychedelic rock from time to time ;)

If you want deep-analysis of music I listen to, go visit my audioscrobbler :)

Pyramid Head's reviews:

    Aliens versus Predator (Fox Interactive): Game rip
    "Little schematic but good" (by Pyramid Head, 11 Dec 2005) [7/10]
    Well, many tunes goes with scheme "LOUD - a little quieter - quiet - quiet - quiet - a little louder - baNG! - VERY LOUD! - LOUD - LOUD - a little quieter... And on, and on.
    But, schematic construction of tunes doesn't spoil this soundtrack - the compositions and instrument used in this score are good, and I think, this soundtrack would fit pefectly to movie... With Aliens and Predators of course :)

    From Dusk Till Dawn: Game rip
    "Nothing great" (by Pyramid Head, 5 Mar 2005) [7/10]
    The ambient tunes aren't scary or great, but they are nice in listening and climatical - Maybe eight ambient tune is little creepy, but not terrific.
    Next, the church pieces are nice - Lots of organs and alleluia-choirs (BTW. The tune CANTIC 2 consists only of those two elements)
    Next, three FROM DUSK TILL DAWN themes - Weakest part of this soundtrack - Slowly lousy guitars and percussion - Those three pieces understates score.
    GENERIC - Nice ambient track, could be suitable as a credits song. Good tune, but not great.
    And finally, last and my favourite piece - MARINES ATTACK - I very like this one. I don't understand why authors used this one in intro movie... Cool, middling-fast action tune with faint tempo change in the middle.
    Ok, I will recapitulate in Polish: MOE BY ;) (Nothing great, but not bad)
    PS. I think the music is the best part of this weak game...

    Black Moon Chronicles: Game rip
    "Really great!" (by Pyramid Head, 5 Mar 2005) [9/10]
    One of few fantasy scores that I really loved. Lots of great chorals, wonderful battle rhythms and beautiful, soothing melodies.
    This soundtrack doesn't equal with miraclous and masterly BEYOND DIVINITY soundtrack, but it's really, really worth listening.

    Unreal (Epic Megagames): Game rip
    "Legendary" (by Pyramid Head, 20 Feb 2005) [10/10]
    A must-have for soundtrack collectors. All tunes are packed with ideas, mysterious sounds... Sometimes the tone is damn climatical (Flightcastle, Vortex Rikers, Erosion...), sometimes packed with action and battle sounds (Nightvision, Isotoxin, Warlord Theme).
    You can feel UNREALITY from first, to last track.
    So, if you soundtrack collector, and you still don't have this one in your collection, don't hesitate - DOWNLOAD IT!!!

    Twisted Metal 2: Original soundtrack
    "THAT'S IT!" (by Pyramid Head, 9 Jan 2005) [9/10]
    Cool hard rock soundtrack! Agressive, strong, fast, with many loud beats and cool guitars. When you listening this music, you feel adrenaline, speed, you feel like you are one of participant of this death tournament... I recommend you this one! :)
    PS. You can found this great soundtrack on CUBED'S FTP.

    Gangland: Game rip
    "Nice soundtrack, but..." (by Pyramid Head, 5 Nov 2004) [7/10]
    Well, the tunes from this soundtrack can be sorted in three categories:

    MENU TUNES: Theme, Preplay, Gameover, Challenge Theme
    Main Theme have many cool ideas and melodies, but it's too long (7:12). In Gameover, my favourite tune from this rip you will hear lots of voices, gunshots, loud screams and many "sharp" beats. Challenge Theme is nice not-strong action tune.

    CHALLENGE TUNES: Crickets, Brother Dies, Black Splash, China Splash, Columbian Splash, Italian Splash, Italian Splash Violin, Japanese Splash, Jewish Splash, Russian Splash, Wife Dies Splash
    Short, but nice and little funky tunes. Except "Brother Dies" and "Wife Dies Splash". Those to are sad tunes.

    CONQUEST TUNES: Battle, Italian Day, Italian Night, Poor Day, Poor Night, Docks Day, Docks Night, Vegas Day, Vegas Night
    Almost all are nice, calm ambient tunes. The "Battle" is except - Very loud music with lots of mini-choirs.

    OVERALL: For first-look it's a cool soundtrack, but after long time of listening, tunes starts to bore you. My favourite piece is a Gameover song.

    MARCH!: Offworld Recon: Game rip
    "Really crazy..." (by Pyramid Head, 29 Oct 2004) [7/10]
    Really crazy techno-electronic-trance soundtrack. You don't find here a piece without electronic strong beats. So, if you don't like this kind of music, stay away of this! Some songs can be good for a techno party. My favourite piece is a Bagpipe March

    Deus Ex: Zodiac: Original soundtrack
    "Lots of electronic..." (by Pyramid Head, 21 Oct 2004) [8/10]
    That's not the music in Brandon-style. Almost all samples have made by Foxon.
    What I can say about this soundtrack? If you are great fan of electronic and ambient music, you will love this one. There's no one tune without electronic beats. Sometimes, Foxon mixed orchestral sounds with electronic, and efect is good. The ambient tunes are great musical background for Paul's new adventures. Combat and conversation pieces are in the same style as respective ambient pieces. So if you liked music from this (Great!) modification, go to Steve Foxon site and download it.

    OFFTOP: If you are DEUS EX fan, I STRONGLY recommend you, to download this modification from:
    /-\/-\ www.planetdeusex.com/zodiac /-\/-\

    Beyond Divinity: Game rip
    "MASTERPIECE" (by Pyramid Head, 19 Oct 2004) [10/10]
    When I writing these words, I'm listening this miraclous soundtrack. Every tune have great melodies, ideas, and... Something, that make you to listen this tune again, again and again...
    Many tunes starts modest, but after a couple of seconds turns into beautiful orchestral fantasy piece. This music is good to illustrate an epic Hollywood LOTR-Like fantasy movie.
    OK. Last word... If you have a fast connection speed and you like fantasy soundtracks with lots of orchestra, choirs and eerie mystical beats DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIP FROM GRAWL'S GAMERIPS SITE!!! You can't miss this superb, and veeeeeery long (Almost 5 hours of listening) masterpiece. Big cheers to Kiril Pokrovsky!!!

    Outlaws (LucasArts): Original soundtrack
    "OH... MY... GOD..." (by Pyramid Head, 13 Oct 2004) [10/10]
    One of best soundtracks I've ever heard. When you listening those cool western themes, you have very big willingness to grab a colt and fight.
    This soundtrack can be good to illustrate an epic western movie!

    Kreed: Game rip
    "Not bad..." (by Pyramid Head, 13 Oct 2004) [7/10]
    Well, you will hear lots of guitars and electronic pieces. Some ideas and beats are cool. Sometimes, this soundtrack reminds me QUAKE 2 music.
    There's one minus - Many tunes are very similiar. But, if you like QUAKE 2-like beats, you won't be dissapointed.

    Unreal Mission Pack 1: Return to Na Pali: Game rip
    "First..." (by Pyramid Head, 14 Sep 2004) [10/10]
    ...I want to thank Darth "Snake" Nefelim for sending those tunes and make it avaible to other game music lovers (I was trying to send this game rip too, but you are faster than me :)).
    Second... The music is brilliant! When I first heard those tunes, I loved it! They're full of excellent ideas and mysterious sounds. But sometimes, you will hear strong tunes encouraging to fight for survival (Especially "Dirt" by Khyron, playing when you're facing squad of perfectly trained Space Marines).
    Third... Download this game rip fast as you can! All tunes from RETURN TO NA PALI are one of best MOD soundtracks I've ever heard!
    Fourth... If you want to listen combat or tension pieces use (again) MODPLUG Tracker

    Sim City 3000: Original soundtrack
    "When I want to hear relaxing music..." (by Pyramid Head, 14 Sep 2004) [8/10]
    ...I listen this soundtrack. There are 15 veeeeeery long tunes (Except "Sim City Theme"). My favourite is "Night Life".

    Silent Hill: Original soundtrack
    "You will love or hate this" (by Pyramid Head, 12 Sep 2004) [7/10]
    First - If you want to like this soundtrack, you have to play this game. Without this, you will be discouraged to this music.
    So, what we have here? The 3/4 of this soundtrack is the scary ambient music. There are so many tunes, but they're short and very similiar. When you listened this music in game many times, you will easily asociate tunes with locations and moments. The rest part of this OST are SILENT HILL Theme, four tunes from ending (TEARS OF..., KILLING TIME, SHE and ESPERANDOTE with beautiful Rika Muranaka voice) and bloopers music - SILENT HILL (OTHERSIDE).
    If you loved SILENT HILL, you will love this soundtrack too. But, if you never played this game, you'll hate this.

    Doom 3: Game rip
    "What I have to say?" (by Pyramid Head, 9 Sep 2004) [6/10]
    Only one normal tune in this soundtrack is a "DOOM 3 Theme". Cool heavy metal piece with lots of guitars. The "Credits" is just shorter version of theme song. Other tunes are short music cues (Except "Intro")

    Unreal Tournament 2004: Game rip
    "THIS ROCKS!!!" (by Pyramid Head, 8 Sep 2004) [10/10]
    I loved music from UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003, and with release of UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 game, Kevin Riepl, Starsky Partridge and Will Nevins comes with more of great music! OK. Techno pieces composed by Partridge is not fantastic, but not dissapointing. But, the tunes composed by Riepl and Nevins are COOL! They mixed many styles of music (Orchestra, eerie choirs, heavy battle rhymes, techno etc.) and effects are GRE... No, not great. FANTASTIC! UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003/2004 soundtrack is a MASTERPIECE! Don't wait, go to GRAWL'S FTP and download this!!!

    Hitman: Codename 47: Game rip
    "For fans of electronic music..." (by Pyramid Head, 7 Sep 2004) [7/10]
    In many, many tunes you can hear electronic beats and drones. This soundtrack sounds, like has been composed in tracker. But, it's not a minus.
    In tracks from Hong Kong and Columbia there's no electronic beats (OK, except PABLO'S CAMP). Almost all tracks from Budapest Hotel and Rotterdam are placid ambient tunes. Only BORIS SHIP is dynamic techno track, and reminds me music from night club. I think the most gloomy is penultimate tune in this soundtrack - SANITARIUM BASEMENT.
    So, if you like techno mixed with ambient, you will like this soundtrack too.

    Deus Ex: Redsun 2020: Game rip
    "Good, but not great" (by Pyramid Head, 7 Sep 2004) [7/10]
    Action of REDSUN 2020 takes in Japan, so it's an oriental soundtrack. The tunes have been created in MODPLUG Tracker, and converted to MP3 (If you don't believe me, download REDSUN 2020 mod and explore MUSIC folder).
    This soundtrack is nice, but not extraordinary - You will hear oriental beats, sometimes guitar, sometimes electronic drone (Especially Yokotani Bank and Otemachi Labs pieces). So, if you like oriental instrument mixed with techno music, download it.

    Painkiller: Game rip
    "Very long soundtrack" (by Pyramid Head, 6 Sep 2004) [8/10]
    The composers have created good atmosphere in this one. When you're searching for enemies, you hear ambient music, perfectly fit with level. Some tunes are just for underscore atmosphere (Especially MILITARY BASE MUSIC - There's a lot of drums), but some are really creepy (ASYLUM AMBIENT MUSIC, FACTORY AMBIENT MUSIC - One of most psychedelic tunes I've ever heard!). Combat music are heavy metal mixed with techno - Some ideas are really good (My favorites are FOREST FIGHT and ORIENTAL CASTLE FIGHT)! If you have PAINKILLER, you can listen those tunes from MUSIC folder.

    Hitman: Contracts: Original soundtrack
    "Very dark music" (by Pyramid Head, 6 Sep 2004) [9/10]
    HITMAN CONTRACTS is a very gloomy game. The soundtrack is dark too. Jesper Kyd mixed dirty industrial with techno, sometimes you can hear orchestral instruments and Latin choirs. I think, the most gloomy tune is SLAUGHTERHOUSE. WHITE ROOM & MAIN THEME reminds me MARCH OF THE EMPIRE from FREEDOM FIGHTERS SOUNDTRACK - The electronic beats are similliar. Native instruments was only used in tunes from Hong Kong - HONG KONG UNDERGROUND and STREETS OF HONG KONG. The most agressive tune is SWAT TEAM. There is ambient music in this soundtrack too - WINTER NIGHT, SANITARIUM and BUDAPEST BATH HOTEL.
    OK, let's finish this review. If you like previous Jesper Kyd compositions, you must have this soundtrack!

    Doom: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Hellishly good!" (by Pyramid Head, 5 Sep 2004) [8/10]
    One of best and longest DOOM remixes I've ever heard. Every tune have a great hellish melody and idea. My favorites are intro, e1m7, e1m8, e2m8 and e3m3. Last words: Don't wait, download this!

    Half-Life: Opposing Force: Game rip
    "One of..." (by Pyramid Head, 4 Sep 2004) [2/10]
    ...worst soundtrack I've ever heard. When I downloading these tunes, I was hoping for more great HALF-LIFE music. But, music for addon wasn't composed by Doug Laurent. The differences between HALF-LIFE and OPPOSING FORCE music are huge. In HALF-LIFE you can hear great battle tunes and little scary ambient pieces. The music of OPPOSING FORCE is techno. Weak techno. The tunes are very similiar and boooooooring. So, if you loved HALF-LIFE music, don't download tunes from OPPOSING FORCE. You will be disappointed.

    Painkiller: Original soundtrack
    "The music is good, but..." (by Pyramid Head, 2 Sep 2004) [4/10]
    All tunes from this soundtrack are combat music (The genre is heavy metal mixed with little techno). There is no one ambient or boss tune! :(. And, authors forgot about one combat tune - Oriental Castle Combat Music and Credits Music (That was heavy metal tune too!). I think, it's better to buy Painkiller and rip all tracks self - contain (It's very easy, all 57 (!) MP3 tracks are in "Music" folder). The final score is not from enjoyable of listening, but form of this soundtrack (Only combat tunes). BTW. You can download four tunes from http://www.painkillergame.com/index2.php (Click DOWNLOADS, then MP3s).

    Freespace 2: Original soundtrack
    "Very short soundtrack" (by Pyramid Head, 16 Aug 2004) [7/10]
    Good, climatical music. There is much orchestra and choirs, sometimes you can hear electronic music. Biggest minus is the lenght of this soundtrack. Only seventeen minutes. You can download all tunes from

    Deus Ex: Game rip
    "Good game, good music" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [8/10]
    Cool, cyberpunk soundtrack. Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos and Dan Grandpre mixed techno and orchestra in this tunes, and effect is really good! BTW. If you want hear more pieces (Combat, conversation, dying music etc.) use MODPLUG Tracker program.

    Metal Gear Solid: Original soundtrack
    "A good soundtrack for a spy game" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    Many tunes are packed with action and cool ideas. Sometimes, you will hear chorus and strong orchestra. Some tunes are very similiar, but it's not a big minus.

    Silent Hill 2: Original soundtrack
    "Beautiful soundtrack" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    When you hear this music, you understand suffering of James. Some piecies are mixes of scary, ambient music (Ashes and Ghost, The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind, Silent Heaven etc.), some tunes are sad and melancholy (Forest, Null Moon, Fermata In Mistic Air etc.). Overall, if you are fan of SILENT HILL 2, you must have this OST.

    Total Annihilation: Game rip
    "Brilliant, but too short" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    You will hear orchestral battle themes and mysterious ambient pieces. But, this soundtrack is too short :(

    Red Faction: Original soundtrack
    "Awesome soundtrack!" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [10/10]
    This electronic soundtrack is packed with action and cool ideas. In some tunes you can hear piano, orchestra and eerie choirs. Effect is amazing! In this soundtrack, I don't have favorite tune. All tunes are the best!

    Heroes of Might & Magic 3: Game rip
    "This soundtrack is long and not bad, but..." (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [6/10]
    After hours of playing HOMM 3, music starts to bore you. In my opinion, the tunes are too calm.

    Nightmare Creatures: Game rip
    "Nice music" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [8/10]
    Music creates a good background for the game. Ambient music is climatical and litte creepy. I think the best part of this soundtrack is hellish, heavy metal boss tunes.

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil: Game rip
    "Good, but not great" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [7/10]
    Good music for good game. I think the best tunes is from Port of Aidia, Primagen's Lightship and Queen Boss.

    Halo: Original soundtrack
    "One of best soundtrack, I've ever heard" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    I've never played HALO, but if game is good as a soundtrack, the game must be great! You will hear lots of Gregorian-like choirs, battle rhymes, rock marches and awesome ambient pieces.

    Freedom Fighters: Original soundtrack
    "Fight for FREEDOM!" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [8/10]
    Electronic music, battle rhymes, beautiful choirs... This three elements has been mixed in this soundtrack. If you loved the game, you will love music too. Cheers to Jesper Kyd and Hungarian Radio Choir!

    Half-Life: Original soundtrack
    "Cool!" (by Pyramid Head, 15 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    Great soundtrack! Doug Laurent did a really good job! Some tunes are creepy, few are packed with action (My favorite music pieces is Adrenaline Horror and Military Precision) Unfortunately, the soundtrack is too short for a maximum score...

Pyramid Head as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to Pyramid Head. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, Pyramid Head probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.