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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Welcome to Game Music base, the database project, which should gain many information about games and game tunes. I'd like to make the biggest database related to games music, because the existing ones are rather small and mostly related only to some type of computers or to some part of world. This one should contain as much game tune types as possible, and should be connected with World of Game Mods and Mids, which you can directly download from. Though this database is firstly concepted for game music (to find, which game has which tunes, and possibly where to find/download them), you can find also many valuable information about games, their developers and publishers, and possibly release dates etc.

Why is this database done?

Well, before certain time, I started to have big problem to see, which game has music in which format, where to search for the game tunes, which music player to use etc. Also I was very based on musicians, and companies who made the games. So I started to create database of games and games' tunes. It was concepted to be only for my personal use. That's why I stored many personal information, opinions, havings and so on (and some data I had to remove :) ). Though I saw no sense to leave the database only for myself, I don't want to make money from it, and I also don't want to have the most visited site in the universe (I have limit for downloads anyway, so if there will be too much visits, I'll have to do something with it :) ). So in a few words - it is here until it won't start to harm anyone; if somebody starts to pissing me with some bad comments, I'll press the few right keys and shut the site down and continue to do the database only for myself :) Also note that my ratings and comments for the albums are "only" my opinions and they don't have to be compatible with anyone else's opinions.

And where is it?

Well :) all you need is this small white box. Enter name of game, game music album, musician or game company, and you'll see :)


I would like to thank especially Orzyn for giving me his data of games, publishers and developers in Softographies database from Gameclub magazine. Also I'd like to thank other game and game music databases that you can find in my Linx section, which helped me to complete the database as much as it got. Hopefully they will like this little game music database as I like their sites ;)

Data status

What is here

  • All Mods
  • All Mids
  • Original SPC music
  • Original SID (C64) music
  • Digital audio and soundtracks music records
  • Arranged MP3 tracks music records
  • Nintendo NES NSF music
  • ZX Spectrum / Amstrad AY music
  • Sega Genesis GYM Music
  • Gameboy GBS Music
  • Around 50000 unique games, 10000 music archive records, 10000 companies, 5000 musicians, 130 platforms

    What to insert in the future

  • Some more musicians information, formats info
  • More Amiga Exotic formats (only around 40% are here now)
  • Turbo Grafx-16 HES Music Records
  • Sega Master System/GameGear VGM Music Records

    Engine status

    What is here

  • Game search engine
  • Soundtrack search
  • Game tune view (html and text)
  • Game view
  • Musicians list and view
  • Company view
  • Formats view
  • Tunes list and view
  • Platform view and detailed info

    What is planned in the future

  • Better design
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Create better title page and move this section to manual :)
  • More features to existing views
  • Archiver view and info
  • Have types view (private only)
  • Listings