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This is description of list views engine used in game music base for general viewing of games, music records, platforms and musicians (in the future I plan to do view like this also for companies). These views allow the user to view the records, gain lot of information about them, and especially, FILTER them according to the given criteria. In each list view, the filter screen is on the top, above the result table. Below the filter form is the "Result table". There will be always displayed the resulted records. First row of the result table is "Header row", where are displayed titles of each row, then follows every displayed record. Under the result table is "Navbar", which can navigate you through records which are not displayed. And under Navbar can be yet some notices displayed, for example link to this help :).

Filter form

Defaultly, no filters are set, so all records will be shown. But selecting any of the options inside the filter form and clicking on "SHOW>>" button will result in showing the filtered data, according to given filter. You can filter for example publishers, original country (this varies from each list view), but you can also display only records begining at some alphabet letter, clicking on this letter below the "SHOW" button. And lust-but-not-least, you can type some search string in the search box, and the displayed results will be the results which match your search criteria (how the search engine works is described here).

Result table

Result table is table under form, where are displayed results. It begins with text like "Showing records 1-50 from 4842", which means that 4842 records are chosen, but displayed will be only first 50 of them (the rest can be displayed through navbar on the bottom, see below). Because defaultly no filters are set, the result records number is rather high. But you can filter the selection with Filter form, and the amount of result records will rapidly reduce. Clicking on the record link inside the Result table will bring the information about this record and in the row of the table are displayed most important information about the record.

Sorting the records

You mean you want the records displayed alphabetically, but you don't know how, heh? It's simple. Just click on the "NAME" column in the Header row in Result table (this means, click on the top left cell in result table) and the records will be sorted according the name! More generally, you can click on almost any Header row and the records will be sorted according that column. Clicking on it again, ascending/descending order will be changed. On some columns the sorting is not possible, because not every column has simple sorting behavior, but it works on all important columns where sorting possibility is logical. Defaultly, the records are sorted according the number of games/music records in the database descending, which means the most popular records will be displayed first.


Below the result table is so-called "Navbar". This is bar with numbers of pages and arrows, to navigate through result records, if the amount of displayed result records is more than 50 (you sure know this navber from Google etc..:) ). You can use navbar to travel through the records, but don't expect you will find something if you have to browse 4000 records with navbar. Much more will help to use some wise search string filters in the Filter form, this is really better way to find what you want :).

The "OTHER" column in results table

Maybe you noticed strange column called "OTHER" column with some weird characters inside them. This is not error, as it may look on first sight. This column displays other information about record, which it couldn't display inside other columns (you know, the width of the table is limited by your browser window size and the table cannot be very fat therefore). That's why I created "OTHER" field, where advanced users can find fastly what has the records filled and which information it contains. Maybe I did this more for me than for anyone else, but I considered to do it also for public, maybe there will be some advanced users which will appreciate it. If you don't think so, simply ignore this field and you're off :)) For the rest, here's the explanation:
Every property of the record is characterized by one letter in the "OTHER" field and only properties which are not displayed in other columns are displayed here. Here is the explanation which letter means what in every list view:

Musicians list

  • G - musician is music group (not person)
  • H - musician has homepage (clicking on the letter you will be transfered to this homepage)
  • D - musician has longer description or link to description at other source
  • C - musician is employee or works for some company

    Music records list

  • I - music has my review
  • D - music has longer description or link to description at other source
  • T - music has tracklist
  • C - music is 100% complete
  • M - (private)
  • F - downloadable from mirsoft.info pages (World of Game Mods or Mids), clicking on link will go to download screen.
  • W - downloadable from other pages (clicking will redirect you to this page)
  • N - music has catalogue number, so it's being sold
  • Q - (private)

    Games list

    Nothing needed, everything is in the table

    Platforms list

  • R - platform has release/compatibility info
  • D - platform has longer description or link to description at other source
  • P - platform has info when it was most popular
  • S - platform has info about average game size
  • E - platform has emulation info
  • C - platform has info about most popular countries