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This is description of fields at the game information page. Example of this page e.g. for game Turrican you can see here. It is also good example how the game info record will look.


This is Game title. It's displayed yellow, as it is title of game (in the database we mostly try to maintain color differences - yellow is displayed game name, light blue the music record name, green are the review, red are download links etc.). In most cases it claims to be the official distribution game name, but in some cases (especially in cases that it could be easily misunderstood with another game or in cases that it's better to archive sequels), there is stored the most common name. The name of the game is unique in the database. This means, if more games were released under same name, they were differented either by publisher or by release year or by platform (e.g. "Unreal (Epic Megagames)" is different game than "Unreal (Ubi Soft)".

Aka: Turican (Common Misspelling)

This is Alternate title. The title of the same game, which was distributed in the different countries, common misspellings, non-english titles (especially in the games where origin is not english), often "full" title with subtitle (often in Sierra's adventures), simply anything which will help you characterize the game better than original name.

Action, 2-d, Horizontal-Scrolling, Vertical-Scrolling, Platform, Arcade, Shooter, Fighting
Game genre or description

Publishers: Atari, Accolade, Rainbow Arts, Ballistic
One or many companies, which were involved in publishing the game. There may be many companies who published the game, in the different world parts or platforms. Because the Game music base is not focused on developers/publishers data, we don't characterize the publishers closer, they are only displayed without any closer characteristics. There are also lot of "similar" company names (like e.g. "EA", "Electronic Arts" etc.) - there are different names for the same company and we slowly "clean up" the database for these; but as it is not main focus of game music base, we don't really care about it very much :)

Developer: Factor 5
One or many companies, which developed (=programmed, coded and actually created) the game. Mostly less values than publishers (actually, you can code the game only once :) ), but there is the same problem with duplicate names of the same company as before.

Original/port composers: Chris Huelsbeck (Amiga), Chris Huelsbeck (C64), Ramiro Vaca (C64), Stefan Hartwig (C64), J. Dave Rogers (GameBoy), Paul Kenny (GameBoy)
List of musicians, which originally composed the game's music or they made the port of music for certain platform. This means, here is listed any musician, whose game music was officially released with any game's release. If we know, which platform the musician composed the music for, we write it in parenthesis. Mostly, original composer is composer for the first platform (the platform where the game was released first). If we don't know the platform, or if the composer composed music for all platforms and there are no other ports, we don't write platform in parenthesis.

Platforms and game downloads:
Sega Mega Drive
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 - United States Download the game for PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 from OldGames.NU
Game Boy - United States
Amiga (1989) - Europe
Amstrad CPC (1990) - Europe Download the game for Amstrad CPC from OldGames.NU
Atari ST (1990) - Europe
ZX Spectrum 48/128 (1990) - Europe
Commodore 64/128 (1990) - Europe Download the game for Commodore 64/128 from OldGames.NU
Game Boy (1991)
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 (1991) Download the game for PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 from OldGames.NU
Atari 7800 (Unfinished) - United States
Here is comprehensive list of platforms the game was made for. If we know also the region and release date, it's written here too, otherwise we write as much as we can (year, region etc.). If the game is found to be download on our friendly OldGames.nu game archives server, there is displayed green link, which leads to the game download page. Note you have to be registered at OldGames.nu server and accept their agreement to download (mirsoft.info has nothing similar with this server).

It was one of greatest shooter games of that tumes. More info here:

Here is closer information about the game, called "Descriptions / URL". Because we mostly document game's music, we mostly don't fill in the game description and instead of it, we are linking to some existing game database server, where you will sure find much more about the game than we could :)

Record created/updated: 16. August 2004
This is the "Record info" section and is generated automatically, from the last change of record by administrator.

Game music

Now follows list of game music records found for this game. We are closer describing music record data at music info screen, so here we will only briefly describe music record character at the end of example.

  • Game rip (Amiga) (DA) [10/10]
    Without any doubt it's one of the best soundtracks ever made, though Turrican 2 soundtrack was even better. So great ideas and tunes, simply a must have!
    Composer of these tunes: Chris Huelsbeck
    My rating: 10/10   Num of tunes: 31   Complete: 100%   Size of archive: 46.65 MBytes
    Digital Audio tunes download information

  • Game rip (Amiga) (Amiga Exotic) (Music download info)
    Composer of these tunes: Chris Huelsbeck
    Num of tunes: 16   Size of archive: 263 KBytes

    Download Game music from UnExoticA!

  • Arranged soundtrack (Amiga) (DA) [10/10]

    Without doubt, this one really rocks. I was proud owner of the only one Turrican CD in former Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately someone has borrowed it from me and never returned it. And I don't have a clue who :)) Well, fortunately, I backed up the the CD in MP3s :))
    About the soundtrack - what to say, it's one of the best soundtracks I ever heard, it was released 4 years after Turrican 1 was released, and 2 years after Turrican 2. You can find epic story, best arranged tunes from all three Turricans, and awesome melodies and experience. It's also good that there are not any crappy dance tracks as on other Huelsbeck's CDs from that time :) Simply said, the best game has the best soundrack.
    Composer of these tunes: Chris Huelsbeck
    My rating: 10/10   Num of tunes: 16   Complete: 100%   Size of archive: 66.09 MBytes
    Digital Audio tunes download information
As you see, each music record is linked for closer view; and has displayed platform, format, my rating (if any) and download info link (if available - this will redirct you to music info download section, where you can determine, where will you want to download from). Second line belongs to descriptions, then follows composer of the tunes, and last line belongs to additional data. Because we will describe all the data closer in music record information help, we took this very briefly here.