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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
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Date added: 28. 10. 2001

Sources for World of Game Mods (MOD linx)
These are web-sources where I downloaded some of the game mods from. Of course, there aren't all sources mentioned, many tunes are ripped from games by myself or are sent to me by some visitors of my site. Also sources of some tunes are unknown to me.
ExoticA - Site dedicated to Amiga's music, especially exotic tunes, but recently enlarged also with "Unexotica", which is site with plenty of game tunes for Amiga, including normal mods. This site really rocks and it's my definite recommendation if you're looking for Amiga game and non-game music.
Rpgamer - This site is realy good source of anything for roleplaying games (RPGs) and above all they've very big collection of tracked videogame arrangements and remixes.
SSTrax - This page should be dedicated to all tracked remixes of console/computer tunes, but unfortunately till now it isn't up. Good thing is, that I have most of their archive downloaded and available from here :)
Back to the Roots - Really must-visit for all Amiga's freaks - games, music, database of titles and much much more!
AMI Sector One Network - Another nice Amiga's site that has the similar type of contents as Back to the roots, so it's various Amiga's stuff including game music
Amiga Soundtracks - Amiga page with many game tunes, nice thing is that only mod tunes are there (not exotic formats).
X-Treme Game Music - Only the best game music in various formats (Midis, Mods, SPCs etc..)
Fading Twilight - Greatest music source for all the Atari (ST/Falcon/other) platforms. Not only game-music, but also demo music and lot of other stuff for these computers downloadable here!

Sources for World of Game Mids (MID linx)
These are web-sources where I downloaded some of the game mids from. Of course, there aren't all sources mentioned, many tunes are ripped from games by myself or are sent to me by some visitors of my site. Also sources of some tunes are unknown to me.
Videogame Music Archive - Source of many many videogame midis, unfortunately they removed the PC section, so you'll find there only arranged Midis from systems other than PC. But the archive is really big, more than 8000 pieces!
Laura's MIDI heaven - Another site with plenty of Midis (not only game!), and what's important, they have also cute and nice PC section! :)
Quest Studios - Great site for all the Sierra fans - you can find lot of Midi music from great Sierra's adventures, most of them greatly re-arranged for todays Midi sound-cards!

Game and Game Music Databases
If you are searching for any infos about games and game tunes.
OldGames.NU - Great abandonware games server! Not only many useful information, reviews, forums etc., but also lot of ababndoned games downloads!
GameFAQs - Comprehensive database with documentation, FAQs and cheats not only to very big amount of games, but only to plaforms and systems.
Universal Videogame List - Universal database for almost all platforms. But very well documented archive is especially on ZX Spectrum and other, often very rare 8-bits. Well, and you can find the tunes like Turrican mobile phone ringtunes there! Yay! :)
The Legacy: a nostalgic game museum - If you're looking for games especially from old home computers (Commodore, Amiga, Atari), this is your choice! Not only huge amount of games, but also credits, cheats downloadable music etc.!
MobyGames - Big database with best documented PC, PS1, PS2 and X-Box titles. Cool thing is also game credits to many games.
Chudah's Corner - Very nice designed and well maintained database of game soundtracks. It focueses on accuracy a lot, therefore thare may not be so big amount of music records, but what is there, is very well done (contains tracklists, CD covers, very reliable author information etc..)
Zophar Domain's SPC archive - Information about SPC SNES tunes
Gamers.com - Great source for console games' information and reviews, but the database contains also many computer, table and card game titles.
Planete Super Nintendo - Cool database of all SNES games.
Soundtrack Central - Reviews and tracklists to original soundtracks
Game Music Revolution - Index of released game music CDs with tracklist, covers, catalgue numbers etc...
Synsoniq Records - The biggest european's game music distributor, look at their shop to buy some CDs...
Gamerland.com - Database with around 13000 titles, designed with the collector specifically in mind. Though it contains only game console games (not computer games), you have many options to gain information - make your own lists of games, trade them etc..

Other videogame music pages
Where to find some MP3s from music of computer games? Look at some of these links
AmigaMusic.com - Do you like Amiga music but would you be more content to have all the game tunes in MP3s? Then, this site is for you - instead of plenty (though cool, small, cute and nostalgic :) ) MODs you can find lot of great Amiga game tunes in MP3!
RPGamers.net - This site has very big archive of videogame MP3s and is relatively long time online, so there is chance it won't go down soon. But the connection is very slow, so if you'll want some MP3-s, you could look at some FTP mirrors, also good idea is check theirs forums and look for some FTPs
Gamingforce audio - Very good forums, go there, and check "My music" section. You'll sure find some working FTPs with plenty of game music! :)
Music 4 Games - Great european game music news-server, which has lot of information about upcoming news and events, and offers also lot of free mp3-s to download
Overclocked Remix - Very stable site with 1.5 gigs of MP3 videogame remixes online
The Videogame and chiptune news - This site coming from Japan informs what happened in VGM and chiptune world, they report when VGM pages are updated.
High voltage SID collection - All C64 tunes to download!
Gamealbums.com - International community of gamers who also enjoy the musical side of music. Sharing over 2500 game albums

Music players and utilities
These utilities are my recommendations for using fith computer and game music. At leas I was very satisfied with them
DeliPlayer - Awesome music player which recognizes more than 150 music formats (mostly Amiga's exotic formats, but also MP3s), has archive support and cool UI. It's must have especially for Amiga's mods listeners.
Game Audio Player - Great prog which plays and rips game music directly from PC game CDs, recognizes many weird and rare file formats.

Emulators pages
Where to find emulators, software and roms for them
World of Spectrum - All stuff you want to find for ZX spectrum, including full games, you'll find here.
Zophar's Domain - BIG site with information about all emulator, archive of music files for Nintendo's SNES, and NES, downloads of emulators and much much more...
Mame.dk - Complete archive of all games for MAME - multiarcade machine emulator. If you don't know what it is, just go there, grab some emulator, some games and play. You sure won't be disappointed!
AxE's Abandonwarez - Emulation, classic PC game downloads and online playable retro games with highscores.

My works
These are pages, which I participated on. Mostly I programmed engine to them, because I'm programmer.
Raven - (link not working anymore) My first web - it's independent gaming magazine in slovak language (all HTML) and I was around 2 years chiefeditor of it. It definitely finished in June 2000.
FlashFun - Big and great site with many games in flash, funny jokes, electronic flash cards etc. It was my biggest project, which I programmed it completely from the PHP side in 2000
The Slovak Republic Government Office - My first regular job, I was web programmer of the pages of SR Government office and around 15 related sub-pages.
MetalMusic daily zine - Slovak metal daily ezine. I'm not metal music fan, but I programmed this site few years ago. Hm.
Walker.sk - (not working anymore) Interesting server about travelling, information about foreign countries and so on. And another my past PHP programming work.
Mirsoft.info - Yes, this page was also programmed by me! (who would it say?? :)

PHP related pages
The best programming language I've ever seen and the pages which will tell you more
PHP - Main PHP page, latest version of PHP for free download and info.
HotScripts - Many scripts for PHP, but also for Perl and other languages.
Club of developers PHP - Good scripting page too, this time from Russia :)

Other pages
All that didn't fit in the folders above :)
GMX - Global Mail eXchange - Good email server? No, GREAT email server... Forwarding to more accounts, 1GB inbox, that doesn't look bad... Only thing is that it's in German only already
Mail Protector - Very handy site which helps you with the problem of getting your email by spammers, when you will publish it on some website. Using this system you can generate picture from your mail text, or web form of your mail etc.