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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
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This page is created especially for the kind people, who want to send more database corrections and want to send it a way that helps me most. Because the database has lot of fields, here is list of these fields (you can copy all or part of them to the GMB submission form (field "What is wrong?") and fill in the values you know):
*** Game info ***
Alternate title:
Original Composers:

[Platform] - [World Part] - [Release Date]
e.g. PC Windows - Europe - 2004-08-20
or PC Windows - World - 2003

Description: (may be long text)

*** Music info ***
Album Title:
Release date:
Composers of these tunes:
Info source: --enter your nick here--

Music type: [Game rip / Original Soundtrack / Arranged Soundtrack /
Arranged/Remixed Tunes / Other / Single / Promo CD / Bonus Disk / Fan Soundtrack]

Facts / Description: (may be long text)

01 - First track (3:34)
02 - Second track (1:23)

Bitrate (if MP3)*:
Size of MP3 archive in bytes*:
Num tunes:
Complete %:
Num CDs:
Catalogue Number:
* - These fields will not be published, but it's good to fill them, because e.g. from bitrate and size of archive can be count playtime etc.

Of course, you don't need to fill in all fields, though the more you'll fill, the better. However, some fields are very good to fill (e.g. catalogue number in case of original soundtracks). The list is here especially to assure you won't forget anything you probably know. For closer description of fields you can see Game info manual and the Music info manual