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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Search in Game Music Base is very easy to use - just type something in the search box on the left, press Enter key and you should see the results in a while. In the search box you can type anything from these:
  • Name of game
  • Name of game music album or game music record
  • Name of musician
  • Name of company
  • Name of platform

You can also combine between these, but you always should follow the search tips below, to fit the correct search words (if you know search engines like Google, these tips may be very familiar to you). Note also that all search tips and information described here are also working with search boxes in games list or tunes list. Also the search engine in these is exactly the same.

General search tips

These search tips you should follow every time and in any search mode:

  • NEVER join the words (example: write Final Fantasy instead of "FinalFantasy", or "finalfantasy" - these searchs will almost sure find nothing.)
  • don't write any non-english characters, write english ones instead of them (example: write huelsbeck instead of "hülsbeck")
  • do not write abbreviations (example: write Grant Theft Auto instead of "GTA")
  • write sequels of games in arabic numbers (example: write Final Fantasy 8 instead of "Final Fantasy VIII")
  • try to not write numbers of sequels to games which do not have many sequels (example: write Grandia instead of "Grandia 2")
  • try to avoid word "the" in the search (example: write great escape instead of "the great escape")

Advanced search mode - "Deep search"

The "normal" search is concepted to find most relevant results, and to be FAST. In some very rare cases normal search won't find anything, though it could. :) Therefore is here also possibility to use "Deep search" engine. This search uses absolutely different algorithm for searching and it's much slower than regular one, but it should find sometimes the results that normal search won't. Note you should use deep search only when you won't be able to find something with regular search, because in most cases deep search is less successfull than normal one.

You can use "deep search", when you type ~ character before your search word(s). So for example, if you typed Final Fantasy 8 using normal search, you will type ~Final Fantasy 8 using deep search.

Deep search algorithm

Deep search searches the "exact phrases", so it will search exactly for what you typed, no matter of spaces or other characters. Comparing to this normal search divides the search string to words and seeks these words in database, and it has also some another limitations to be faster (words with less than 4 characters are ignored etc.). So the deep search should help especially in these cases:

  • If each search word has three characters or less (e.g. out run), normal search won't find anything, because words which have less than four characters are automatically ignored. Deep search will find relevant results.
  • Normal search doesn't find parts of the words, so searching for ombat will find in deep search words like "Mortal Kombat" or "Ace Combat")
  • Deep search does not ignore non-alphanumberic characters
  • There is possibility to use some advanced filter options (see below)

Deep search advanced filter options

You can also enter these special characters to the search box, to get the best results of searched string (they will work only in deep search mode, so the fist character must be "~"):

  • ^ - finds all records starting on the given string. For example, ~^Final will find records which begin on the word "Final", e.g. "Final Fantasy", "Final Quest" etc., but will NOT find e.g. "All Sounds of Final Fantasy".
  • .* - means "any character" mask. For example, ~rock.*n.*roll will find all games which have "rock", then any character, then "n", then any character, then "roll" (e.g. Rock'n'roll, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock and Roll, Rock'n roll ...)
  • (word1|word2) - finds all ocurrences where is found "word1" OR "word2". It's good for searching games which have two different names. For example, ~(dragon quest|dragon warrior) will find all records where is found "Dragon quest" or "Dragon Warrior" name.

More advanced search filters

Maybe you can play also with these deep search filters, though you mostly won't find any use for them:

  • $ - finds all records which end of given string. E.g. ~8$ will find e.g. "Final Fantasy 8", "Might & Magic 8", so all games which end on "8".
  • n* - Matches Zero or more of 'n'
  • n+ - Matches One or more of 'n'
  • n? - A possible 'n'
  • n{2} - Exactly two of 'n'
  • n{2,} - At least 2 or more of 'n'
  • n{2,4} - From 2 to 4 of 'n'
  • () - Parenthesis to group expressions
  • (n|a) - Either 'n' or 'a'
  • . - Any single character
  • [1-6] - A number between 1 and 6
  • [c-h] - A lower case character between c and h
  • [D-M] - An upper case character between D and M
  • [^a-z] - Absence of lower case a to z
  • [_a-zA-Z] - An underscore or any letter of the alphabet
For example, ~^.{2}[a-z]{1,2}_?[0-9]*([1-6]|[a-f])[^1-9]{2}a+$ will find all records which have:

A string beginning with any two characters
Followed by either 1 or 2 lower case alphabet letters
Followed by an optional underscore
Followed by zero or more digits
Followed by either a number between 1 and 6 or a character between a and f (Lowercase)
Followed by a two characters which are not digits between 1 and 9
Followed by one or more n characters at the end of a string