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This is description of fields at the music information page. Example of this page e.g. for Turrican 2: Arranged/Remixed Tunes you can see here. It is also good example how the music info record will look, so let's explain the fields on it.

Turrican 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes

The name of the music record. It is mostly joined from game name and music type, but it's not a rule. Often it is name of album (often case of arranged soundtrack) or author's work.

Game info

This section contains information about game the music record came from - therefore it is the same for all music records from the same game, and it is the same as in the Game info screen. Because I explained all the game info fields here, I won't repeat it again and I will jump with explanation to the music info section.

Name: Turrican 2
Characteristics: Action
Publisher: Rainbow Arts
Developer: Factor 5
Original/port composers: Chris Huelsbeck (Amiga), Markus Siebold (C64)
Platforms and game downloads:
CDTV - United States
Atari ST
PC Dos (1990) Download the game for PC Dos from OldGames.NU

Music info

Here is the section which is different by each music record, so we will explain the fields here

Released: 07 Aug 1991
Release date when the album was released. Sometimes we know only year, sometimes also exact date.

Related Plaform: Commodore 64/128
This is in most cases the platform the soundtrack was made to. However, in case of arranged tunes, it is related platform the tunes were arranged from.

Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Format which the music is stored in. Here is list of all possible formats

Composers of these tunes: Gabriele Priarone, Antti Lehtonen
Composers, who composed actually these tunes. If the tunes are arranged, they're arrangers, in case of Game rips or Original soundtrack are here mostly original composers or musicians who did the music port for actual platform.

Source / Archivers / Rippers: Dr. Spa, Big Ninja
Nicks of users, who ripped the tunes (if the tune is downloadable), or users thanks to which the information arrived to you.

Info source: Dr. Spa, Big Ninja
Nicks of users who provided the database information to you. (mostly alternative title to Source / Archivers / Ripped in case of Digital audio tunes, which are not downloadable)

Music type: Arranged/Remixed tunes
Type of music. One of the most important fields, because it determines if the tunes are original rips, soundtrack or arranged. That's why the music record's name is mostly created from game name and music type. Possible music types are:
  • Game rip - Music actually ripped from the game or converted using the "without loss of quality conversion" - that means for example WAV->MP3 conversions, conversions between some tracked formats etc. Game rips are mostly not officially released, so they are either to be found in the game or be downloadable from some websites (mostly the musicians websites, third party game music archives etc.)
  • Original soundtrack - Originally released CD with tunes found in the game. The Original soundtracks should mostly have the catalogue number, because they should be sold somewhere.
  • Arranged soundtrack - Originally released CD soundtrack with game tunes, but comparing the original these tunes are different somehow - e.g. they have added extra tracks or embellishments to an existing songs, all the while keeping the same style of the song. In this category belong also remixed soundtracks, (Remix - keeps the same basic melody as the original song, but is in a different style, it may also contain abstract parts, i.e. interludes, improvisation, single-instrument solos). Arranged soundtracks are mostly officially released, so they should have yellow catalogue number, which can help you to find to buy it.
  • Arranged/Remixed tunes - As in the arranged soundtrack, here are game tunes, which were changed somehow comparing the original game. But the difference is that these tunes were either not officially released (most common case are fan remixes of certain game freely downloadable from some of remix sites), or they were officially released on CD, which is not related to certain game (for example, many Commodore 64 or Lucasarts games remix CDs). As soon as the whole CD is related to one game or series and it's officially released, then it's already arranged soundtrack. That's the difference.
  • Other - If you really don't know, which category you should assign the CD to, or if it doesn't fit in any category above or below, it's Other...
  • Single - Single CD, only few tunes as short propagation.
  • Promo CD - CD distributed as promotion of the game/company (mostly on some promotions or advertising actions related with the game). These CDs are very likely not available for sale, so they don't have catalogue numbers.
  • Bonus Disk - Disk published mostly free with original version of the game (mostly it's some "Limited Edition" of the game, or something similar). As Promo CDs, these CDs are very likely not available for sale too, but in some cases they are being sold alone (but in these cases they are Original or Arranged soundtracks then).
  • Fan soundtrack - Soundtrack from the game released/arranged by the game fans, not released commercially.

Archived process: Archived completely
Field which determines if and how they were archived. This is mostly private field and has lot of various values, but on the public side will probably go only "Archived completely" archives.

Num of tunes: 3
Number of playable tunes that music record contains.

Num of subsongs: 11
In some music formats (e.g. Amiga Exotic or SIDs), the tunes allow to store more subsong in one song. In this case, total number of subsongs is written here.

Num of CDs: 3
In cases of Digital Audio soundtracks is here written number of CDs

Complete: 100%
I would be happy if everything would be complete, but you know it sometimes isn't true. The completeness % is however written here to make you more happy :)

Size of archive: 486 KBytes
Size of archive, always made in compressed size (in ZIP/RAR/MP3 archives).

Catalogue Nr.: Z10649~51
Important number in case of Digital Audio CDs. This number characterizes the CD and is unique for the record. Thanks to it, you can find the related soundtrack using this number e.g. on Google & co. :)

My info

Without doubt, this one really rocks. I was proud owner of the only one Turrican CD in former Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately someone has borrowed it from me and never returned it. And I don't have a clue who :)) Well, fortunately, I backed up the the CD in MP3s :)) ...

This is my personal review about the music record, together with my rating. I plan to join this section with the section below (User reviews), but thanks to some limitations of my processes I can't do it now.

User reviews

  • "Simply one of the best VGM." (by YaroslaF, 25 Jun 2004) [10/10]
    Many years ago I was searching and searching to get this album. And one day my dream came true :)
    Chris Huelsbeck is the best german game music composer and Turrican is his greatest work. It is not usual to hear VGM album with many different tracks which you rate 10/10. I know many great albums with usually one or a few great track(s) and the rest is "the sauce". But Turrican is a exception, this album is loaded with majority of 10/10 tracks. ...
  • Add your review
All reviews submitted to the games music record by users.

Facts / description

AUDIO CD with 16 audio-tracks and a playtime of 68:43 minutes.

Releasedate: 1993
Ordering number: KCD4
EAN: 402872300014

Price: EUR 15.95

Noble melodies and orchestral sounding pieces! One of the bestsoundtracks which have ever been composed for a game.

Here is everything that hasn't fit above, all the facts and descriptions, together with URL links to other pages. Also additional composer/performers info and other record comments should be written here.


01 - Opening (1:23)
02 - Prologue (1:58)
03 - Main Title (3:22)
04 - Techno Dungeon (4:52)
05 - The Desert Rocks (4:01)
06 - The Great Bath (2:59)
07 - Walker Factory (5:17)
08 - The Hero (3:37)
09 - Bionic Action (4:24)
10 - Air Combat (3:57)
11 - Climb to Survive (4:07)
12 - Transfer to the Battlefield (6:38)
13 - The Machine (1:27)
14 - Countdown (1:18)
15 - Freedom (3:49)
16 - Turrican Medley - Bonus Mix (15:38)
List of CD tracks, together with playing time. The tracklist is not only displayed in Audio CDs. I use to create "tracklists" also in Game rips and different formats than DA, simply because it reminds Audio CDs a bit and it's describes a music more while playing :)

Music download

Download Game Music in ZIP archive!

List of all download links, either inside or outside this web, if any. In case of digital audio soundtracks, there is clear and significant article that there are not any download of digital audio at mirsoft.info, just because I became really lot of DA requests :)

Other music records from this game

If there are another music records from the same game, you can find the list of them here.

Additional game info (Turrican 2)

One of the few CDTV titles that does not work on the Amiga CD 32.

From: http://gamerland.com/games/cgi-bin/showgame.cgi?id=11106

This is copy of corresponding game's "Descriptions / URLs" field (see here for details about this field)

Record created/updated: 7. August 2002.
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