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PlayStation Music format

General format to store PlayStation 1 and 2 music records. Most popular: 1995-2003.

Common Platforms: PlayStation
Common file types: PSF / PSF2

Where to download tunes

Zophar's PSF archive - At the time first 7 PSF rips, I'm sure the collection will grow a lot :)

Some more thoughts

This format was made in the way as SID, SPC or NSF format - so it is music data format which is supported by the players, which emulate the CPU and sound hardware of the Playstation, in order to play the music from these games. Of course, the PSX music files are a lot bigger than SID or SPC (one tune can freely have more than 2MB), but you can find also complete soundtrack lower than 1MB, and it is really good space save then comparing to MP3. In the time of writing this article (12 Feb 2003) are the players in very high experimental and development phase, so don't expect 1:1 playback comparing the original PlayStation yet. But I'm sure this will be changed soon.. :)

Players and other useful links

Zophar's PSF players - players and utilities for PSF format.