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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Might & Magic 5: Darkside of Xeen: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Might & Magic 5: Darkside of Xeen
Alternate name: Might and Magic 5: Darkside of Xeen; Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen
Characteristics: Role-Playing (RPG), 1st-Person Perspective, Medieval / Fantasy, Puzzle-Solving, like Bard's Tale
Publisher: New World Computing
Developers: New World Computing, CATware
Original/port composers: Todd Hendrix (Dos), Tim Tully (Dos)
PC Dos - Europe
PC Dos (1993)

Music info

Released: 1993
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Sequenced music (MID)
Composers of these tunes: Todd Hendrix, Tim Tully
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Barkman27
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 26
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 85159 bytes

User reviews

  • "Great work, good job" (by Shinryuu, 30 Aug 2006) [8/10]
    These midis are great, I have been searching for music from M&M IV and V for a very long time. However I must admit that some of the instruments and notes have been changed in a way making some of the midis sound very different from the original ones, and not always for a better. But great work anyway, I liked them very much.

  • "Absolutely excellent" (by PurpleXVI, 5 Jun 2012) [9/10]
    A few tracks sound different from what I remember them, but then again, I only ever played one version of this game, and it's had multiple. Include Mac versions, fully-voiced versions, CD versions and floppy versions.

    So glad I got my hands on Corak's theme again, though, damn I love that thing.

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Facts / description

Here is a bunch of music from Swords of Xeen. It's the same as Darkside of Xeen, and since more people probably know about Darkside, I'll call it that :).
To record the music, I just installed the game to play with the Roland Canvas soundcard (general midi), then played in Dosbox, and then recorded the midi commands, making all of the files here.
I edited Town_theme1.mid and Town_theme2.mid with a free program called Midget (www.silverblade.co.uk), simply just changing some of the instruments around.

The Roland Canvas card made things sound a little unusual compared to what most gamers might remember (probably Soundblaster Pro), so I tried
to change the instruments around for the songs that seemed a little "off." After making this archive, I found a way to rip the Soundblaster
music ... unfortunately, that was a little while ago, and the few files that I did re-record in Soundblaster style are on my old computer.
However, if anyone would like the mp3s, just email me (see below).

First Update: Some of the files here are the same as when they were first recorded. Many, however were edited (mainly by changing the instruments around) with two programs- Midget 3.5 and NoteWorthy Composer.
Recent update (Apr 24 2010): Thanks to Greg C for sending me "Corak's Theme/Escape Pod Music", which I missed originally! It's been a couple of years since I made this archive but I'm glad people still enjoy the music and help out :)

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at Roychipoqua@yahoo.com.

Thanks to:

Robert Meakins -- showed me the way of recording midi from DosBox.
Andrew Greenwood -- creator of Midget
Greg C -- sending me "Corak's Theme/Escape Pod Music," which I missed originally.
The makers of NoteWorthy Composer
Tim Tully- supreme creator of all Xeen music
The people who made DosBox (http://dosbox.sourceforge.net)
New World Computing

Completion: 100%- recently added "Corak's Theme/Escape Pod Music"

Music download

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Record created/updated: 21. July 2010.
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