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Sims, The: Game rip

Game info

Name: Sims, The
Alternate name: SimPeople (Japanese Title), Die Sims (German Title); Sim People (Japan)
Characteristics: Simulation, Strategy, Isometric, Real-Time
Publishers: Electronic Arts, Maxis, EA, Aspyr
Developers: Maxis, EA, Edge of Reality
Original/port composers: Jerry Martin (Win), Marc Russo (Win), Celso Alberti (Win), Darol Anger (Win), Frank Biner (Win), Machino Brazil (Win), Dix Bruce (Win), Steph Burns (Win), Kirk Casey (Win), Sandy Cressman (Win), Claire Curtin (Win), Myron Dove (Win), Mary Fettig (Win), Art Hiraha (Win), Kent Jolly (Win), Dan Joseph (Win), Stephen Kearin (Win), Jerry Kuderna (Win), Franceis Lafleur (Win), David Lauser (Win), Gerri Lawlor (Win), Glenn Letsch (Win), Garry Lillard (Win), Ken Marchass (Win), Molly Mastick (Win), Laurice McCoy-Ozjuwah (Win), Dan Mendoza (Win), Dave Meniketti (Win), Jonathan Mitchell (Win), Kenneth Nash (Win), Jim Nunally (Win), Sean O'Connor (Win), John R. Burr (Win), Eddie Ramirez (Win), Avram Siegel (Win), Steve Smith (Win), Glenn Walters (Win), Robert Kauker (Win)
PC Windows (07 Feb 2000) - Europe
Macintosh (25 Jul 2000)
PlayStation 2 (31 Jan 2003) - Europe
X-Box (04 Apr 2003) - Europe
GameCube (04 Apr 2003) - Europe
PlayStation 2 (29 May 2003) - Japan

Music info

Released: 07 Feb 2000
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composers of these tunes: Jerry Martin, Marc Russo, Celso Alberti, Darol Anger, Frank Biner, Machino Brazil, Dix Bruce, Steph Burns, Kirk Casey, Sandy Cressman, Claire Curtin, Myron Dove, Mary Fettig, Art Hiraha, Kent Jolly, Dan Joseph, Stephen Kearin, Jerry Kuderna, Franceis Lafleur, David Lauser, Gerri Lawlor, Glenn Letsch, Garry Lillard, Ken Marchass, Molly Mastick, Laurice McCoy-Ozjuwah, Dan Mendoza, Dave Meniketti, Jonathan Mitchell, Kenneth Nash, Jim Nunally, Sean O'Connor, John R. Burr, Eddie Ramirez, Avram Siegel, Steve Smith, Glenn Walters, Robert Kauker
Music type: Game rip
Num of tunes: 37
Num of CDs: 1

User reviews

  • "Great Game = Great tunes = Long Review" (by Dr. Spa, 2 Jan 2008) [10/10]
    If you're a fan of what some people call "elevator music", then you'll love some of these. The buy, build and neighbourhood tunes are all good pieces of music, that would be the sort of thing you'd hear in a mall or very fancy elevators! The other tunes are from the sims radio stations, which play when a sim turn on their boombox or stereo. Some of these tunes have words that are sung by voice artists, but are in gibberish, or according to the producers "simlish". The sims is one of those very big games that most people have heard of and many own. Despite not being mentioned on Mirsoft, I'd also like to acknowledge all of the great music on the sims expansion packs. The best are particularly Unleashed, Hot Date and for eerie music lovers, Makin' Magic. House party also experimented in adding more radio stations to the old "Rock, Country and Classical". I forget exactly what they are, but I remember it had some dance, techno and even surf tunes! Who says MP3s are no good??!

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