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MMX1 midis - Storm Eagle tunes

(Review for Mega Man X: Arranged/Remixed tunes by voltcatfish)

Hi. My name is voltcatfish. This is my first time doing this review thing, so I'll do my best. This is my review of the Mega Man X Storm Eagle Midis (Storm Eagle is probably the best stage music in the game). Here goes, file by file:

mmx1eagle - Nicely done tune. A bit simplistic, and not quite like the original in the fine details, but very close and very fun to listen to.
voltcatfish's rating: B+

Airport - To me, this one's a bit too subdued, and it is missing the fine guitar solo wraparound bridge that brings the end of the tune back to the beginning again that makes the tune so fun and enthralling. This midi is also very short (34 seconds). Easily forgettable.
voltcatfish's rating: D-

IdiotStormEagle - The name says it all. It is the same melody we all know, but in an annoying slow-motion tempo. This tune would sound cool if they'd bring up the rpm to the proper level, but as it stands now, skip it.
voltcatfish's rating: F

mmxeagl - This is a very cool version of the Storm Eagle song! It is like Storm Eagle's music with a hyperactive tempo (a little faster than usual). It's only down side is that it is missing the electric guitar in important places where it is needed most, like the wraparound from end to beginning. But still worth keeping.
voltcatfish's rating: B

mmxeagle - It's OK, but there's almost no drums and it sounds a bit too flat - not dynamic and fun like the original.
voltcatfish's rating: C-

mmxEagle8 - Interesting version - It sounds kind of light and airy, like being up high in the skies as you are in the stage. Not quite what you'd expect, but I like it and think it's a real winner nonetheless.
voltcatfish's rating: A

MMXStorm - Yeah! This one rules!! Right tempo, fun and captivating, just like the original! KEEPER!!
voltcatfish's rating: A+

mmxstorm2 - Decent, but a little subdued (not dynamic) and way too short (only 31 seconds). It's OK, but not the best one here.
voltcatfish's rating: B-

Storm_Eagle - Not great. Many incorrect and sour notes throughout the song, so it doesn't sound right - actually, it sounds terrible to me. But it is different, so if you like a variation on the song, you might like this, but I like midis that have the same notes as the original.
voltcatfish's rating: D-

StormEagle6 - Ouch! This one hurts the ears! Delete! voltcatfish's rating: F

All in all, out of 10 songs, 4 are good, the rest are either mediocre or totally useless, but the 4 keepers are worth the download IMHO.

I hope that helps. All of these reviews are my own opinion of the tracks, and you may differ in your opinion, but I am just giving an honest review, so enjoy! - voltcatfish

voltcatfish's overall rating: C