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Mega Man X2 - Crystal Snail Remixes

(Review for Mega Man X2: Arranged/Remixed tunes by voltcatfish)

Hi all. It's voltcatfish again, and I'm going to give a short review of remixes of the Crystal Snail song from the Mega Man X2 zip archive. This is such a cool song. Many do it justice when they try to remix it, and a few do not. Here's the review, file by file [both of them]:

CrystalSnail - This is a decent mix, though some parts of it sound a little off. All in all, I do like it, and it is well done overall.

voltcatfish's rating: A-

Crystal_Snail: Now this is an unusual mix. The creator took a bit of liberty with the cymbals. Sometimes it sounds great with the added crash cymbal sounds, but sometimes the crash cymbal sound is put in unnecessary places, so it causes it to sound lousy in those spots. Being a drummer myself, I notice these things. You really need to know when to add the cymbal sounds and when to omit them, or at least put them in the proper spots. Except for that, it is a good mix, and it gets a good rating from me.

voltcatfish's rating: A-

All in all, a decent pair. They are both pretty much equal ratings-wise [the second one is a little better than the first one, though I gave them both an A-], so the rating will reflect this. It can be found below.

voltcatfish's overall rating: 9/10