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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
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Amusing music

(Review for Tsumera Pinball: Game rip by J)

There are 8 tunes inside this package, I'll try to quickly describe them all;
--------- - - - - >
"Title" mod: is similar in style to title mods of other pinball games (such as "Pinball Fantasies", "Pinball Dreams", "Pinball Illusions" and similar)
Now that's good :)

"Opening" mod: also quite resembles option-screen tune from other popular pinball games... Actually it seems this module is the same as "Title" mod; it has the same file-size and duration...but why would anyone put two of exactly the same 336 KB tunes in the one package...

"Ghost" mod: it is just a short (46 sec) 'elevator' type piece.

"Final" mod: a short tune with melody that varies...not much to say

"Ending" mod: well, it has suitable name :)
It is slow and melodies 'kick-in' a little later. Like China army-exhibition... (not that there's anything Chinese in it)

"Dragon" mod: starts with a feeling of tension which sustains and later it starts to feel like it's music from a level of some sidescroller shoot-em-up (Turrican?)...and then it stops abruptly. Obviously meant to be looped...

"Boss" mod: very cool mod! But I can more easily imagine it to fit in some later-level of Turrican than in pinball game though.

"Begin" mod: gets interesting in the latter part.

Conclusion: all modules are 110-335 KB in size, but each of them is short (around a minute), nevertheless, these modules are interesting and worth download.
I would give them rating of -7- if they are longer.