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Nice collection

(Review for Mega Man 5: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Dr. Spa)

ChargeMan - This one isn't very good. It sounds very draggish and boring. Most MM tunes have strong memorable melodies but this is too bland.

MM5-Gravityman - Good for NESMusa standards but it just seems so fast, especially compared to Casey McCanns version!

MM5-Gyroman - This seems a bit bland as well. It could do with a bit more pizazz to spice it up. It seems to steadily gain speed, as well.

MM5-Logo - Again, too fast. Slow down NESMusa!

MM5-Intro - Has a nice intro, but sort of fades out after 10 seconds or so. It's well made, but like with lots of these tunes, the originals are so very bland!

GravityMan - This sounds a lot like Jazz Jackrabbit 2. They have very similar bass samples. However the melody does seem a bit off putting and takes a while to get used to.

StarMan - Not bad. Too repetitive, I think

Waveman - Phew, NESMusa has slowed down!

Overall, the trackers are good, but the melodies are let's say, beyond repair!