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Last updated: 7.May, 2017.
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Not that super...

(Review for Super Cars: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Dr. Spa)

A bit dull at the start, it takes a while for it to pick up a little... I suppose thats Ben Daglishs fault not wires - Thats a good thing about remixing, if someone said the melody is no good you can blame it on the person who made the original one! If I choose the soundtracks wire would remix, It would definitely be ghostbusters! I guess if you have played Super Cars lots of times, you would probably like the music - :) - Maybe thats why I love the music from BOOM so much, I played it for 7 years now and that means I was 3 when I got it and it was late 1997!! The thing is is when people who have lived through the C64/Amiga/Arcade age has experienced that music for decades now and that is where the buzz about Memories, MEMORIES, MeMoRiEs, memORIes and the rest come from!!! Ive been babbling on to much in this review!!! Goodbye, you Mirsoft-ors!!!