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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 26.August, 2018.
Made in Slovakia.
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I luv it as much as the MOD!

(Review for Super C: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Dr. Spa)

Coool archive! Has nearly all of the stages and transitions - If you have played the game as I have - My faverite intellivision game - It as a MUST GET! It brings back all kinds of gamemusic memories of what Gamemusic used to sound like!!

Level 1, Level 3 and Boss are probally the best! Level 1 - The one also in MOD version - is perfect, I mean nothing could improove this! Take a look and see!

Level 3 has GREAT jungle rhythm to it, as being a jungle level it fits in superbly with the game!

Boss just brings back memories. It sounds exactly like a mixture of how the arcade's used to sound like and what amusement arcade machines sound like now. A mixture of suspension and rock music.

All in all if you don't get this you a missing out. Take a chance.