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Nothing found.

Well, there are around 55000 games in database, so you probably typed some real craziness :) or, most probably, you typed something bad. Read these search tips carefully:
  • NEVER join the words (example: write Final Fantasy instead of "FinalFantasy", or "finalfantasy" - these searchs will almost sure find nothing.)
  • don't write any non-english characters, write english ones instead of them (example: write huelsbeck instead of "hülsbeck")
  • do not write abbreviations (example: write Grant Theft Auto instead of "GTA")
  • write sequels of games in arabic numbers (example: write Final Fantasy 8 instead of "Final Fantasy VIII")
  • try to not write numbers of sequels to games which do not have many sequels (example: write Grandia instead of "Grandia 2")
  • try to avoid word "the" in the search (example: write great escape instead of "the great escape")

    Still found nothing? Try using deep search

    The "normal" search is concepted to find most relevant results, and to be FAST. In some very rare cases normal search won't find aything, though it could. :) Therefore is here deep search function, which is much slower, but it should help especially in these cases:
  • If each search word has three characters or less (e.g. out run), normal search won't find anything, because words which have less than four characters are automatically ignored. Deep search will find relevant results.
  • Normal search doesn't find parts of the words, so searching for ombat will find in deep search words like "Mortal Kombat" or "Ace Combat")
  • Normal search ignores all non-alphanumberic characters
  • There is possibility to use some advanced filter options to filter the searchs in deep search. You will wind all of them in Search help.

    Not satisfied with search results? Read Search help.