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Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands
Alternate name: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
Characteristics: Role-Playing (RPG), Isometric, 2-d, Post-Apocalyptic, Puzzle-Solving, Medieval / Fantasy, like Baldur's Gate
Publishers: SSI, Softgold GmbH
Developers: SSI, SSI Special Projects Group
Original/port composer: Ralph Thomas (Dos)
PC Dos (1993) - Europe
Macintosh (1993) - Europe

Music info

Released: 1993
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Sequenced music (MID)
Composer of these tunes: Ralph Thomas
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft, gammadragon, Corak the Avatar
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 27
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 928 KBytes

User reviews

  • "Darksun1 MIDIS" (by andvari, 1 May 2006) [10/10]
    Excellent Music! Instead of being the usual cliche fantasy medieval, it's a stylish blend of medieval instruments blended with prog-rock and jazz in such a subtle way it ends up being simply unique. No doubt the music is one of the things that makes this game great

    Unfortunately, these MIDIS are faster than the original music from the game. Hopefully some MIDI musician can help to correct their tempo...(spread the word!)

    the music itself I rate a 10 out of 10
    The ripped music however gets a 5 because they lose all the felling from what they were intended to have.

  • Add your review

Facts / description

Re-ripped and re-converted with perfect timing by Corak the Avatar.

Silt Sea Ssurrans.mid
Silt Sea Summoning.mid
- duplicate tunes of Captured Gladiators.mid

Hot Springs.mid
Nazca Lines.mid
- duplicate tunes of Fields.mid

Messenger Route.mid
White Sands.mid
- duplicate tunes of Elven Slavers.mid

Wyrm Temple.mid - duplicate tune of Subterranean Temple.mid
Lava Rift.mid - duplicate tune of Gemfields.mid
Lower Castle.mid - duplicate tune of Upper Castle.mid
C1 - Introduction.mid
C2 - Arena Introduction.mid
C3 - Ending.mid
C4 - Credits.mid
R01 - Slave Pens.xmi
R02 - Arena.xmi
R03 - Sewers.xmi
R04 - Dagolar's Tunnels.xmi
R05 - White Sands - Messenger Route - Elven Slavers.xmi
R06 - Elven Caravan.xmi
R07 - Teaquetzl Village.xmi
R08 - Lava Rift - Gemfields.xmi
R09 - Hot Springs - Nazca Lines - Fields.xmi
R10 - Ssurran Ruins.xmi
R11 - Red Sands Plateau.xmi
R12 - Cedrilte Village.xmi
R13 - Undermountain.xmi
R14 - Lower Castle - Upper Castle.xmi
R15 - Gedron Village.xmi
R16 - Palace Ruins.xmi
R17 - Menu.xmi
R18 - Captured Gladiators - Silt Sea Ssurrans - Silt Sea Summoning.xmi
R19 - Wyrm School.xmi
R20 - Wyrm Temple - Subterranean Temple.xmi
R21 - Wyrm Belly.xmi
R22 - Sand Oasis.xmi
R23 - Salt Oasis.xmi

Music download

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