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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Mirsoft information

Nick: Mirsoft
Homepage: www.mirsoft.info

Mirsoft says:

Well, I did this cute small site in the pause between two school lessons... Ehm, well, enough kidding, I spend ages getting it to the state it is now, so enjoy it! :)

Mirsoft's reviews:

    Civilization: Game rip
    "Info to corrupted tunes" (by Mirsoft, 26 Feb 2016) [7/10]
    All the tunes can be played properly with WinAmp and its proper MT-32 midi input driver (see http://www.mirsoft.info/gamemids-help.php#mt32 ). Other midi players mostly don't have proper MT-32 driver. Munt has proper MT-32 emulation, but its midi player don't play the few mentioned tunes above (don't know why, maybe buggy Midi player in Munt).
    Sorry for not pointing to the correct documentation sooner. :)

    Warkanoid: Game rip
    "What a positive surprise" (by Mirsoft, 30 Jun 2009) [10/10]
    From this relatively less known game comes one of the best Midi soundtracks I have ever heard! 67 cool tunes full of various ideas and rocky rhythm, must have for all good midi music fans!

    Bill's Tomato Game: Game rip
    "Great Amiga (chip)tunes" (by Mirsoft, 30 Jun 2009) [10/10]
    Especially if you like Amiga chiptunes, you will sure like this soundtrack. This is not only one of the best soundtracks I heard in original Amiga MOD format thanks to great fresh chippy melodies and lot of various ideas (no one will be repeating nor boring), but thanks to its 57 minutes also one of the longest!
    But beware, some tunes play badly on some players, e.g. the Endsequence (bill06.mod) plays totally crappy on DeliPlayer. I recommend XMPlay to play it properly.

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