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Mega Man 4: Arranged/Remixed tunes

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Game info

Name: Mega Man 4
Alternate name: RockMan 4 (Japan); RockMan World 4 (Japan GameBoy Title)
Characteristics: Action
Publishers: Capcom, Nintendo
Developer: Capcom
Original/port composers: Bun-Bun (NES), Ojalin (NES)
Nintendo Ent. System - United States
Nintendo Ent. System (06 Dec 1991) - Japan
Game Boy (1992) - United States
Game Boy (29 Oct 1993) - Japan

Music info

Released: 1992
Related Plaform: Nintendo Ent. System
Format: Sequenced music (MID)
Composer of these tunes: Various Authors
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft
Music type: Arranged/Remixed tunes
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 66
Size of archive: 159 KBytes

User reviews

  • "Mega Man 4 - Dr. Cossack Levels 3 & 4 Midis" (by voltcatfish, 23 Aug 2004) [9/10]
    Hi, it's voltcatfish again. Here's my review on the Mega Man 4 Rearranged/Remixed Tunes folder, Dr. Cossack Levels 3 & 4 Midis.

    First off, you've just gotta love this song! This is probably one of the best, if not the best, song in the game! My reviews will be short and sweet, and will cover only the Cossack 3 and 4 Midis in the folder, file by file.

    Cossack3: WOW! What a great start. This version ROCKS!! It's fast, accurate, and fun, fun, fun! You almost never want it to end. The track features tight sequencing, with a tempo that seems just a little tiny bit faster than the game - what a great job the MIDI creator did on this one. IMHO, this track alone is worth downloading the folder for!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    Cossack2-2: YIKES!! This one is good in tempo and accurate in the notes, and the drums are fantastic. This one has so much potential, except for the one thing that really kills it: The creator used a Shanai (it says it's a square wave, but it's not, and it can't be changed) for the melody, and it hurts the ears. I couldn't even listen to it all the way through the first time, but finally suffered through it. Whoever made this, PLEASE CHANGE THAT SHANAI TO SOMETHING ELSE!! The Shanai sound made the MIDI sound so bad - lousy choice! Anyway, if you could change that, the track would have an A rating, but I can't, in good conscience and fairness to all of you, give it an A (and that Shanai thing is the only thing wrong with it), not as it stands right now.
    voltcatfish's rating: D

    mm4cossack: OK, but the melody's tempo is off at times (especially in the very beginning), the echo effect is annoying, and there are a few off notes in the beginning, but the drums and bass are absolutely fantastic tempo-wise. All in all, it's alright, but it still needs a little work.
    voltcatfish's rating: C

    mm4cost2: Now this is more like it! It has the proper tempo for all of the instruments, the drums and bass are tight and accurate, and the piano change-up is very cool. The creator took a tiny bit of liberty in a few of the piano notes here and there, but they stay in key and fit really nicely. Compared to the last 2, this one is very refreshing, and rates right up there with the first one I mentioned. IMHO, this track alone is worth downloading the folder for, but the other A+-rated track above makes the deal twice as good, and these almost make up for the flaws in the other 2 aforementioned!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    Siberian_Skies: YEAH, BABY!! All instruments are in proper tempo with one another (none of that annoying off-beat stuff), and best of all, NO ANNOYING SHANAI! What I really like about this one is that it is intense where it needs to be, subdued when it matters, nice and longer (Its total length is 3:05 to be exact, so it goes through about 3 or 4 times all the way through, so it lets you get into it and enjoy it without an abrupt end after only about a minute, but it's not so long as to drive you nuts!)and the minor piano note liberty taken in the end part before the wraparound makes it unique and still a definite keeper!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    That's all of them. I give this set a high rating because of the 3 that I mentioned as the best. They more than make up for the other 2 (and the one with the C rating isn't the worst thing I've ever heard, it just needs some work, but that second one has got to be fixed, PRONTO!!) All in all, the midis available for this level in this folder are a mixed bag. The tracks that are good are really good, and the bad one is absolutely abysmal, and the other one is in the middle.

    I hope that helps. All of these reviews are my own opinion of the tracks, and you may differ in your opinion, but I am just giving an honest review, so enjoy! - voltcatfish

    voltcatfish's overall rating: A-

  • "Mega Man 4 - Toad Man midis" (by voltcatfish, 23 Aug 2004) [10/10]
    Hi. It's voltcatfish again. Here is a quick review on the Toadman midis found in the Mega Man 4 folder, file by file:

    mm4toad: Very cool. It's a little different, in that the main melody doesn't come in immediately, but the intro part goes ahead and cycles through one extra time, which gives it a unique distinction, but when it does come in, the rest of the MIDI (as well as the beginning) sounds great! All instruments are in the proper tempos for the most part, the drums are great, and it sounds pretty much like the one in the game, more or less. As far as this MIDI goes, there isn't a complaint in sight!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    Toadman-1: Very nice! The background melody is a little hyper at times, but there's nothing wrong with that! This one just sounds great! The drums, bass, and all other instruments are in perfect sync with each other, and the midi sounds as it should. 'Nuff said!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    ToadMan: This ones another winner! The seashore effect is cool and is unique to this particular midi file as far as this folder goes, so it sounds like its raining throughout the whole midi, but it can be a bit annoying, but like the 2 above, all instruments sound correct, the tempo on all of them is right, and it sounds fantastic!
    voltcatfish's rating: A+

    That's all of them, and this is a first: There isn't a bad MIDI of the Toadman tune in the folder. I wish they were all this good. As you can tell from my other reviews, I am a tough, yet honest and fair, critic, and I don't give this rating to just anyone, but my overall rating is below.

    As always, these are only the opinions and reviews of one guy, and yours may differ, but I hope my reviews are helpful. - voltcatfish

    voltcatfish's overall rating: A+

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