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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Turrican: Arranged soundtrack

Game info

Name: Turrican
Characteristics: Action, 2-d, Horizontal-Scrolling, Vertical-Scrolling, Platform, Arcade, Shooter, Fighting
Publishers: Atari, Accolade, Rainbow Arts, Ballistic
Developer: Factor 5
Original/port composers: Chris Huelsbeck (Amiga), Chris Huelsbeck (C64), Ramiro Vaca (C64), Stefan Hartwig (C64), J. Dave Rogers (GameBoy), Paul Kenny (GameBoy)
Sega Mega Drive
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 - United States
Game Boy - United States
Amiga (1989) - Europe
Amstrad CPC (1990) - Europe
Atari ST (1990) - Europe
Commodore 64/128 (1990) - Europe
ZX Spectrum 48/128 (1990) - Europe
Game Boy (1991)
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 (1991)
Atari 7800 (Unfinished) - United States

Music info

Released: 01 Jun 1993
Related Plaform: Amiga
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composer of these tunes: Chris Huelsbeck
Info Source: synSONIQ Records
Music type: Arranged soundtrack
My rating: 10/10
Num of tunes: 16
Num of CDs: 1
Catalogue Nr.: KCD4
Play time: 1:08:43

My info

Without doubt, this one really rocks. I was proud owner of the only one Turrican CD in former Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately someone has borrowed it from me and never returned it. And I don't have a clue who :)) Well, fortunately, I backed up the the CD in MP3s :))
About the soundtrack - what to say, it's one of the best soundtracks I ever heard, it was released 4 years after Turrican 1 was released, and 2 years after Turrican 2. You can find epic story, best arranged tunes from all three Turricans, and awesome melodies and experience. It's also good that there are not any crappy dance tracks as on other Huelsbeck's CDs from that time :) Simply said, the best game has the best soundrack. [10/10]

User reviews

  • "Simply one of the best VGM." (by YaroslaF, 25 Jun 2004) [10/10]
    Many years ago I was searching and searching to get this album. And one day my dream came true :)
    Chris Huelsbeck is the best german game music composer and Turrican is his greatest work. It is not usual to hear VGM album with many different tracks which you rate 10/10. I know many great albums with usually one or a few great track(s) and the rest is "the sauce". But Turrican is a exception, this album is loaded with majority of 10/10 tracks.
    The album starts with introduction to the game - the spoken track. Nevermind, it is just the beginning:) Then the MUSIC begins. There are lot of combat music tracks and at the end of album there are also some slow ones. The last track MEDLEY is like resume of all the tracks before.
    I cannot rate this album else than 10/10 and cannot get bored playing it.
    And last information: I have never played the game Turrican. (For the ones who have some favourite CD just for he or she has played the game and want to remember those great times by listening the game music.)
    I hope it was at least a little comprehensible.

    Note: All thoughts above are my own opinions so you haven't to agree with them. But you could take them as an advice and try to listen this album, you'll be surprised ;)

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Facts / description

AUDIO CD with 16 audio-tracks and a playtime of 68:43 minutes.

Releasedate: 1993
Ordering number: KCD4
EAN: 402872300014

Price: EUR 15.95

Noble melodies and orchestral sounding pieces! One of the bestsoundtracks which have ever been composed for a game.

From: http://www.synsoniq.com/productdetails.php?pid=5&partner=13


01 - Opening (1:23)
02 - Prologue (1:58)
03 - Main Title (3:22)
04 - Techno Dungeon (4:52)
05 - The Desert Rocks (4:01)
06 - The Great Bath (2:59)
07 - Walker Factory (5:17)
08 - The Hero (3:37)
09 - Bionic Action (4:24)
10 - Air Combat (3:57)
11 - Climb to Survive (4:07)
12 - Transfer to the Battlefield (6:38)
13 - The Machine (1:27)
14 - Countdown (1:18)
15 - Freedom (3:49)
16 - Turrican Medley - Bonus Mix (15:38)

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