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Epic Pinball: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Epic Pinball
Characteristics: Pinball Simulation
Publisher: Epic Megagames
Developers: Epic Megagames, James Schmalz
Original/port composers: Robert Allen (Dos), Joshua Jensen (Dos)
Platform: PC Dos (1994) - Europe

Music info

Released: 1994
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Composer of these tunes: Robert Allen
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Death Adder, Jagossel
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 16
Complete: 100%
Size of archive: 1.15 MBytes

User reviews

  • "Technically Advanced" (by Powershoes, 18 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    This set of tracks represent the versatility of Epic Megagames trackers. The samples are pristine, and the tracking professes awesome use of effects. Melodies are catchy and the composition is comfortably complex. Definite A+!!!

  • "Impresive!" (by CyberCat, 29 Mar 2003) [9/10]
    Very similer to in the game!
    Also very small file!
    All of the music from the original game!

    Thank you Mirsoft!

  • "Better than average" (by The Lightning Stalker, 7 May 2004) [7/10]
    While not amoung the longest modules found in games and a few are somewhat lacking in content, these are still some catchy little tunes. This game and its music deserve to be called classic for a few reasons. For one thing, the shareware version of the game shipped with quite a few PCs in the Pentium era. It is also worth mentioning that the game itself was coded completely in x86 assembly and as such runs very well on even 486 machines.

  • "Epic Pinball Music" (by first/last, 15 Sep 2004) [4/10]
    Where's Android? I wanted Android! Theres one that sounds kind of like it. It might be it, and some of the songs weren't even in the game. Its like they threw in some songs from a really late version of the game. The sound quality is excellent though.

  • "Android is SONG1." (by bowser724, 23 Sep 2004) [10/10]
    Android is SONG1.S3M. Hope that helps

  • "Awesome!" (by djgames, 29 Sep 2004) [10/10]
    This must be one of the best game soundtracks I've ever heard! Of course, it was a lot cooler hearing it when playing (Epic Pinball sure is the best pinball game of all time!)... I remember turning up the bass on my speakers when I played this. Relives a lot of memories... A definate 10/10!

  • "Epic tunes." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [8/10]
    Some songs in this archive remind me quite intensly of Jazz Jackrabbit 1. This is perhaps because Robert Allen is a composer for both, and possibly the same or similar samples were used.

    The Jazz Jackrabbit music is some of my favourite music, so I'm fine with them reminding me of each other.

  • "Andoid song" (by PrismO, 9 Aug 2005) [9/10]
    Yeah, these pieces of music really rocks: lots of energy, nice bass samples, and they truely express the mood of each table.

    P.S.: I have 2 different versions of Epin Pinball: v2.0 and v2.1. Each version use a different music for the Android table, but they both seems to be tracked by Robert Allen (based on credits). The one in this zip file is from the v2.1. I'm looking for the v2.0 music file.... and I think "first/last" was looking for it too :)

  • "Android Pinball Song" (by Jagossel, 30 Aug 2005) [10/10]
    Excellent rip! After reading posts about the Andriod table, I think I have original Andriod song from the Shareware versoin that I had years ago. If anyone wants it, let me know. Also, I have the shareware credit songs, called "SONG00."

  • "The Ancestor" (by Darth Nefelim, 20 Sep 2005) [7/10]
    Those, who are livin' with the game industry, will remember this music - sometimes it sounds similar to mod classics like "Unreal". It's one of the Ancestors of mod music from many games of all time. The music does not sound impressive itself, but its "historical" part is very strong for me. Nevertheless, it's a good work.

  • "¿¿What can i say when..." (by sds, 8 Jan 2006) [8/10]
    ... everything is already written??

    Cool tracks to add inside the tracker folder.
    Tracker folder is hungry...

  • "Hail Epic Megagames" (by Ryker Ridgley, 21 Aug 2006) [8/10]
    This music is classic. Space Journey and Pangaea are amazing songs. For lovers of the game music back in '94, this is your destiny!

  • "Agree w/ above post" (by Unit Zero, 11 Jun 2007) [10/10]
    The Space Journey and Pangea songs were the sole reason for me downloading this soundtrack. ;)

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Facts / description

Thanks to Death Adder who sent me this great archive and also to Jagossel who
sent me additional Android song and Credits song from the shareware version
(files SONG1a.S3M and SONG00.S3M).

It seems that different versions of the game use different songs e.g. at the
Android table (seems that V2.1 uses SONG1.S3M, where V2.0 uses SONG1a.S3M). Info from user Incantator:

I was watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ythTarz4DyQ&list=PL3BC2ECCF73B81434&index=41 and check it starting from 2:14. It seems that the original music of Android(1a) was for the shareware before register and strangely enough, after the registering process the music was altered(1).


01 - Main Title
02 - Android (Old)
03 - Credits
04 - Android
05 - Pot of Gold
06 - Excalibur
07 - Crash & Burn
08 - Magic
09 - Jill of the Jungle
10 - Deep Sea
11 - Enigma
12 - Cyborgirl
13 - Panagea
14 - Space Journey
15 - Toy Factory
16 - African Safari

Music download

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