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Final Fantasy 10: Original soundtrack

Game info

Name: Final Fantasy 10
Alternate name: Final Fantasy X International (Japan)
Characteristics: Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective, Anime / Manga, Medieval Fantasy, Role-Playing (RPG), Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publishers: Square, Square EA, SCEE
Developers: Square, Squaresoft
Original/port composers: Masashi Hamauzu, Mayuko Aoki, RIKKI, Seiichi Morita, Nobuo Uematsu (PS2), Junya Nakano (PS2), Masashi Sugawara (PS2)
PlayStation 2 (19 Jul 2001) - Japan
PlayStation 2 (18 Dec 2001) - United States
PlayStation 2 (24 May 2002) - Europe

Music info

Released: 01 Aug 2001
Related Plaform: PlayStation 2
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composers of these tunes: Nobuo Uematsu, Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu, Mayuko Aoki, RIKKI, Seiichi Morita
Info Source: Darth Nefelim, synSONIQ Records
Music type: Original soundtrack
My rating: 6/10
Num of tunes: 91
Num of CDs: 4
Catalogue Nr.: SSCX-10054~7
Play time: 4:53:44 (est)

My info

Well, another 4CDs of the Final Fantasy Soundtrack, and the music was a bit disappointing for me. There are of course good passages, but the 4 hours of listening contain simply too much boring space fillers. But maybe to the game alone it can fit better. [6/10]

User reviews

  • "Liberi Fatali" (by Darth Nefelim, 18 Oct 2004) [6/10]
    An epicaly huge game, an epicaly large soundtrack (4 CDs!). I won't conceal my favours - I like the music written by Nobuo Uematsu. But it seems to be very hard for him to compose so much music at once. And here the co-composers introduced! But will I like music written by'em? That's a moot point.
    All tracks, written by Nobuo for this soundtrack, are really great. Wonderful! Just try "Suteki da ne", the main theme of the whole OST (both versions). The other music is extremely variable - from positive feelings downto track skip. May be they should try to perfect their skill first. And I just can't set the whole rate... Compound feelings, really.

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Facts / description

Title: Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack
Composers: Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu, Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement: Shirou Hamaguchi (Disc3-21, Disc4-19,21)
Performance: RIKKI (Disc3-21, Disc4-21), Seiichi Morita (Disc1-01), Mayuko Aoki (Disc4-20)
Catalog #: SSCX-10054~7
Release Date: August 1st, 2001
Price: ?3,873

[Disc 1 track 01 "I Want to Tell You Everything"]
Voice: Masakazu Morita

[Disc 1 track 02 "At Zanarkand"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Piano: Yoko Mori

[Disc 1 track 03 "Prelude"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Remix: Hirosato Noda

[Disc 1 track 05 "Otherworld"]
Music & Arrangement: Nobuo Uematsu
Lyrics: Alexander O. Smith
Vocal: Bill Muir
Guitar: Shigekazu Kamaki
Bass: Fumiaki Hirayama
Drums: Chihiro Tabe

[Disc 1 track 07 "This is Your Story"]
Music: Junya Nakano
Synthesizer Programmer: Takeharu Ishimoto

[Disc 1 track 20 "Song of Prayer" & Disc 2 track 03 "Farplane Sending"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Lyrics: Kazushige Nojima
Arrangement: Masashi Hamauzu
Boy Soprano: Hideharu Yao
Soprano: Mio Kawashibara, Risa Nagaoka
Alto: Shiho Adachi, Miki Shindo
Tenor: Takashi Baba, Daisuke Hara
Bass: Hayato Kamie, Toshiya Yabuuchi
Synthesizer Programmer: Takeharu Ishimoto

[Disc 3 track 02 "Ject's Theme"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Guitar: Satoshi Akamatsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito

[Disc 3 track 21 "Suteki da ne"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Lyrics: Kazushige Nojima
Arrangement: Shiro Hamaguchi
Vocal: RIKKI
Acoustic Guirar: Takahiko Ishikawa
Electric Bass: Naoki Watanabe
Drums: Eiji Shimamura
Violin Solo: Keisuke Ohta
Strings: Joe Kato Group
Synthesizer Programmer: Takeharu Ishimoto

[Disc 4 track 19 "Ending Theme"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Orchestration: Shiro Hamaguchi
Conductor: Koji Hajime
Strings : Masatsugu Shinozaki Group
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe: Masakazu Ishibashi
Clarinet: Tadashi Hoshino
Fagotto: Shinosuke Ohbatake
Horn: Otohiko Fujita
Trombone: Osamu Matsumoto
Trumpet: Masao Terashima
Percussion: Midori Takada
Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
Piano: Masato Matsuda
Synthesizer Programmer: Takeharu Ishimoto

[Disc 4 track 20 "Please Remember"]
Voice: Mayuko Aoki

[Disc 4 track 21 "Suteki da ne -Orchestra Version-"]
Music: Nobuo Uematsu
Lyrics: Kazushige Nojima
Arrangement: Shiro Hamaguchi
Vocal: RIKKI
Orchestra Conductor: Koji Hajime
Strings: Joe Kato Group
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe: Masakazu Ishibashi
Clarinet: Tadashi Hoshino
Horn: Otohiko Fujita
Trombone: Osamu Matsumoto
Trumpet: Masao Terashima
Percussion: Midori Takada
Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
Piano: Haruki Mino


Disc 1 (1:06:37)

01. "I Would Like to Say Everything"
02. To Zanarkand
03. The Prelude
04. Tidus' Theme
05. Otherworld
06. Hurry!!
07. This is Your Story
08. Ominous
09. Normal Battle
10. Victory Fanfare
11. Game Over
12. Hopeless Desire
13. Underground Activities
14. Underwater Ruins
15. Al Bhed Tribe's Chi
16. Enemy Attack
17. Blitz Ball Gamblers
18. Bisaido Island
19. The Sight of Spira
20. Song of Prayer
21. Fantasy
22. Between Ordeals
23. Song of Prayer ~ Valfor
24. Summoned
25. Daughter of the Great Summoner Warrior
26. Good Night

Disc 2 (1:04:05)

01. Yuna's Theme
02. Sprouting
03. Warping to a Different Dimension
04. Silence Before the Storm
05. Song of Prayer ~ Ifrit
06. Luka
07. Welcome Elder Sage Mica
08. Inflexible Determination
09. The Splendid Performance
10. Confrontation
11. Blitz Off
12. Auron's Theme
13. Mi'ihen Highway
14. Brass de Chocobo
15. Traveling Company
16. Permitted Transit
17. Seymour's Theme
18. Twilight
19. Joze Temple
20. Song of Prayer ~ Ixion
21. Ciparf Riding?
22. Rikku's Theme
23. Guadsalam

Disc 3 (1:00:41)

01. Thunder Plateau
02. Jekut's Theme
03. Makalanya Forest
04. Fog Sea
05. Temple Band
06. Seymour's Ambition
07. Song of Prayer ~ Shiva
08. Those Who Come Closer
09. Scorching Desert
10. Crisis
11. Revealed Truth
12. Start
13. Wedding
14. Attack
15. Tragedy
16. I Can Fly
17. Path of Repentance
18. Song of Prayer ~ Bahamut
19. Time of Judgement
20. My Father's Murderer
21. Suteki da ne

Disc 4 (1:14:51)

01. Yuna's Determination
02. Lulu's Theme
03. Brave Advancement
04. Song of Prayer ~ Bodyguard
05. People of the North Pole
06. Song of Prayer ~ Ronzo Tribe
07. Wandering Flame
08. Someday the Dream Will End
09. Song of Prayer ~ Yuna Reska
10. Challenge
11. To the End of the Abyss
12. Darkness
13. Song of Prayer ~ Spira
14. The Deceased Laugh
15. Seymour Battle
16. Song of Prayer ~ Anima
17. Summoned Beast Battle
18. Decisive Battle
19. Ending Theme
20. "Please Remember"
21. Suteki da ne (orchestra versi

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