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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
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Sam Coup

Type: Computer
Publisher: Miles Gordon Technology
Firstly released in: United Kingdom
First release: Dec 1989
Release and compatibility details: Compatible backwards with ZX Spectrum 48K

Success and unsuccess:

Most popular years: 1990-1992
Most popular countries: UK


Best 8-bit computer, which came in a bad time, when 8-bit computers have gone to the end, and when there have been lot of great 16-bits already. Company MGT came to liquidation and there was bug in ROM. That's why this console one haven't survived long time, but there has been released around 500 games/demos/diskmags from the scene.

More info: http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=545

End of production: 1992
OS: Sam Basic
CPU: Z80B (fully compatible with i8080 and Z80), 6MHz with screen off, 4.5 MHz with screen on
can be slowed down to emulate ZX Spectrum
Coprocessors: Motorola MC 1377P Video Chip, Philips SAA1099 soundchip, ASIC handling graphics
RAM: 256kB or 512kB (various models)
ROM: 32kB
Text modes: 32 x 24, 85 x 24
Graphic modes: 256 x 192, 512 x 192, 128 colors
Sound: Philips SAA1099 soundchip, 6 channels stereo FM synthesis, 8 octaves, 2 noise generators, 2 envelope generators, DAC digital output , sample rate 15.6 kHz. Built-in MIDI interface (in, out, through)
Media: 3.5'' disk drive

Games and music info:

Most common media for storing games: Floppy Disk
Average packed game size: 280 kB

Emulation info:

Because of compatibility with Spectrum, there have some games been released after the computer haven't been published. Although they are now playable well in emulator Sim Coupe, which is almost 100% one.

Sim Coupe - best and almost only choice. :)

This emulation info was written on 13.December 2002. (This time is very important, because emulation info very depends on the time it was written - emulators can improve a lot after this time..).

Record created/updated: 18. December 2002.
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