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Nintendo 64

Type: Console
Publisher: Nintendo
Firstly released in: Japan
First release: 23 Jun 1996
Release and compatibility details: USA release date is 1998-09-29.

Success and unsuccess:

Most popular years: 1997-1999
Most popular countries: Japan
Amount of games in database: 658 (list)
Amount of music records in database: 124 (list)
Amount of downloadable MOD tunes: 10 (list)
Amount of downloadable MIDI tunes: 65 (list)
Importance on the market in the most popular years: High


Good 3D console, big competitor for Sony PS1, but relatively small capacity of cartridges was its big disadvantage.

CPU: MIPS 64-bit RISC CPU (customized R4000 series)
Clock Speed: 93.75 MHz
Memory: RAMBUS D-RAM 36M bit
Transfer Speed: maximum 4,500M bit/sec.
Co-processor: RCP: SP (sound and graphics processor) and DP (pixel drawing processor) incorporated
Clock Speed: 62.5MHz
Resolution: 256 x 224 ~ 640 x 480

More info: http://www.gamerland.com/systems/cgi-bin/showsystem.cgi?id=65

Games and music info:

Most common media for storing games: Cartridge
Average packed game size: 12 MB
Music formats: USF

Emulation info:

This is my personal emulation hit of this time! You require really *fast* computer (the faster the better, but real minimum is Pentium III 600+ MHz) and you can play more than 100 games fully with sound and at full speed. It's "only" 100 games, but what a games they are!

Project 64 - I found this one as the best; complete emulation with sound of around half of the N64 games. Enjoy your dreamless nights with Super Mario 64 :)

This emulation info was written on 16.January 2003. (This time is very important, because emulation info very depends on the time it was written - emulators can improve a lot after this time..).

Record created/updated: 14. July 2019.
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