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A mixed bag...

(Review for Mega Man: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Tiberious)

Well, for starters, Air Man and blazeman.xm don't belong in this archive (Air Man's from 2, and there is no Blaze Man)...

Well, let's start with some good ones:
Mega Man - ElecMan.xm: This one's nice and accurate. I'd say ~95%... then again, I'm biased... I made it (I think a little thievery has been taking place, as I know I didn't upload it here).

Bombman.s3m: Nod a bad little cover. Shame it's missing the intro. I'd like to know how he'd have handled it.

Boss Selector.mod: a little over-the-top for a remix, and drags on longer than an intro screen would last.

Fireman.mod: starts off soft, but gradually comes to normal volume. The remix is also well done.

Iceman.s3m: I think we've heard techno remixes done to death. Doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Iceman4.mod: the fact that everything either on the left or right speaker, with NOTHING in the middle detracts from what would be a Rockman Complete Works-worthy remix.

Metalmannes.xm: whoops... another one that belongs in Mega Man 2. Not bad, though.

MM1 - Bombman.s3m: sounds like yet another NESMusa MOD. A quick look at the sample list confirms it. Has a sound effect logged in it. Not a good thing.

Mvselec.xm: Interesting remix, but not the whole thing.

qum - cutman.xm: more accurate to the original than some of the others I've heard...

skullseabase.xm: ANOTHER wrong game file?! Who filters this stuff? This belongs in Mega Man 3 for the Game Boy (AKA Rockman World 3).