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Tiberious information

Nick: Tiberious

Tiberious's reviews:

    Mega Man: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "A mixed bag..." (by Tiberious, 31 Jan 2005) [7/10]
    Well, for starters, Air Man and blazeman.xm don't belong in this archive (Air Man's from 2, and there is no Blaze Man)...

    Well, let's start with some good ones:
    Mega Man - ElecMan.xm: This one's nice and accurate. I'd say ~95%... then again, I'm biased... I made it (I think a little thievery has been taking place, as I know I didn't upload it here).

    Bombman.s3m: Nod a bad little cover. Shame it's missing the intro. I'd like to know how he'd have handled it.

    Boss Selector.mod: a little over-the-top for a remix, and drags on longer than an intro screen would last.

    Fireman.mod: starts off soft, but gradually comes to normal volume. The remix is also well done.

    Iceman.s3m: I think we've heard techno remixes done to death. Doesn't bring anything new to the table.

    Iceman4.mod: the fact that everything either on the left or right speaker, with NOTHING in the middle detracts from what would be a Rockman Complete Works-worthy remix.

    Metalmannes.xm: whoops... another one that belongs in Mega Man 2. Not bad, though.

    MM1 - Bombman.s3m: sounds like yet another NESMusa MOD. A quick look at the sample list confirms it. Has a sound effect logged in it. Not a good thing.

    Mvselec.xm: Interesting remix, but not the whole thing.

    qum - cutman.xm: more accurate to the original than some of the others I've heard...

    skullseabase.xm: ANOTHER wrong game file?! Who filters this stuff? This belongs in Mega Man 3 for the Game Boy (AKA Rockman World 3).