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Songs for all tastes

(Review for Zelda 4: Link's Awakening: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Kojiro_S)

-Animal Village
Theme of the Animal Village (no kidding). I find this one kinda lame, but that's just my opinion.

-Dream Shrine: Zelda 4
Dream Shrine theme (O'RLY?). Fast start, followed by a faithful version of the original. Loops well.

-LOZ:LA - Eagle Tower
Theme of Lv.7 (Eagle Tower, duh). Catches the esence of the original with different instruments. Pretty nifty.

-Links Awakening
Remix for Tal Tal Mountain range theme. Pretty catchy, and even has some SFX from the first Zelda.

-Link's Awakening: Town
Theme of Mabe Village. Too similar to the original IMHO. The delay at the end is nice (especially for loop play).

-The Kohonolint Shrine (?)
Theme of Southern Face Shrine. Similar to the original, but still nice.

-Wind Fish's Egg
Remix for Tal Tal Mountain range theme. This one sounds SWEET. Has a cool mixture of instruments and echo effects.

Remix from the Title screen theme. Kind of awkward for my tastes.

-zelda goes chip!
Remix from the Title screen theme & the secret song. Vibration effects in all the notes. I find this one weird as well.