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Some are good, some are bad... such is life

(Review for Zelda 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Kojiro_S)

Remix of the Town theme. It sounds like a church tune, but has some weird noises on the second half that make no sense IMHO.

-from zelda 2
Remix of Hyrule Temple. Quite lively, but it only lasts 6 seconds, so it only has the initial part of the original.

-Zelda II: Ganon's Palace
Theme of the Grand Palace. MIDIsh, but I still liked it.

-zelda2 palace theme
Remix of Hyrule Temple. This one is quite elaborated, with an Aztec-like feel to it. Quite nicely arranged enviromental SFXs as well.

-Zelda II-Battle Music
Theme of hostile lands. Quite nice.

-untitled (z2bonus)
Exact copy of the magic learnt theme. Has a big silence at the end though.

-Zelda II:Boss Battle
Remix of the boss theme (lol really?). Better than the original IMHO.

-Zelda II-Battle Music
Theme of hostile lands. Sounds like its original counterpart, but the percussion clapping is stronger.

-Zelda 2: Grand Palace
Theme of the Grand Palace (NOWAY!!11). Even more MIDIsh than the previous one. I prefer the original (the background piano sounds pretty nice though).

-untitled (z2ow)
A clone of the overworld theme without some instruments on certain parts. Lame.

-untitled (z2owns)
Conga-like version of the hostile lands' theme. Pretty catchy and loops perfectly.

-zelda2 (town theme1)
Way too MIDIsh to my liking.

-zelda2 (town theme2)
Same as above. Loops well though.

-Zelda 2 Palace Theme
Hyrule Temple theme. Also has an Aztec-like feel, but this one also has some modern instruments, like strong drums or techno stuff. Quite nice IMHO.

-Parapa Palace
Hyrule Temple theme. This sounds just GREAT!