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Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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A good set, though there is a duplicated song in between

(Review for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Kojiro_S)

Quite similar to its in-game counterpart, but this tune has maracas replacing the clapping. The end of the tune comes kind of a sudden, so it loops badly.

Remix of the Gerudo Valley theme with a lower scale of notes. Catchy.

*Link's House
Way too MIDIsh lol.

*Hyrule Castle Town
Decent enough. MIDIsh trumpets and pipes, but a clear tambourine.

*Zelda5 - Kakariko Village
Quite a faithful version of the present Kakariko theme.

*Kakariko Village
Another version of present Kakariko theme. This one would have been nice, had those bizarre trumpet-like thingies that come from nowhere been silenced or replaced with something more harmonious.

*Kakariko Slow Rock
A remix of present Kakariko. The title is self explanatory.

*Saria's Song
The ocarina sounds too unnatural. Everything else is perfect. Catchy, but it doesn't loop too well.

*Saria and the Lost Woods
A good conversion. Has all the good things of the original, plus the ocarina was replaced by a stronger flute.

*Song of Storms--2nd Ed.
Nice conversion of the Windmill theme, and as catchy as the original.

*Z5: Prelude of Light
MIDIsh, but clean. Overall good conversion.

*Zelda5 Mix
A pretty nice medley of the Title Screen, Kakariko that also loops perfectly fine.

Initial part of the theme played when escaping Ganon's tower. The part played sounds exactly as the original, but it's too short to be of any use IMO.

*Zelda64: Staff Roll
The epilogue's theme, or should I say, the start of it. This is quite short (it loops nicely though).

*Zelda 64: Shop Theme
A weird variant of this theme. Its nice to hear, but not quite catchy.

*Dragoon-kun's Z:OoT Mix
This one is exactly the same as the "Zelda5 Mix" comented above, but with another name :P