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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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Accatone information

Nick: Accatone

Accatone's reviews:

    Psycho Pinball: Game rip
    "The music of Psycho Pinball is finally here in all its glory!" (by Accatone, 27 Sep 2007) [10/10]
    As a fan of pinball music (especially of 21st Century Entertainment's pinball series, like Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions or Pinball Dreams) I couldn't be happier when I saw that Psycho Pinball's music is released with Mirsoft's latest update. I have been looking for it, well, quite a few years. I have even tried to rip it several times but ultimately I've failed. Whether it is the beautiful guitar solo in the title screen or all the great main table music in full harmony with the table themes, the music of Psycho Pinball (of Codemasters) is nothing short of the music of 21st Century's classic pinball games. The composer Tim Bartlett did really a great job. I guess I should thank Patai 'CoBB' Gergely for making the music available. I now can listen to it whenever I want! Thank you.

    WipEout (Psygnosis): Game rip
    "Simply Mind-Blowing!" (by Accatone, 6 Aug 2005) [9/10]
    WipEout is definetely CoLD SToRAGE's finest composition, bar none. Almost all the tunes have incredible energy and diversity that make most of other techno/ambient/trance tracks look dull (even CoLD SToRAGE'S later works fade away when compared --just listen to WipEout 2097 and see what I mean). This IS WipEout, look no further!

    Xixit: Game rip
    "A Worthy Soundtrack" (by Accatone, 28 Jul 2005) [8/10]
    Composed by many talented trackers, the soundtrack of Xixit is as addictive as a tetris game should be. Favorite song: Kenny Chou's "Sacred Grounds".

Accatone as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to Accatone. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, Accatone probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.