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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.November, 2023.
Made in Slovakia.
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djDarkX information

Nick: djDarkX

djDarkX says:

Well, lets see... I have been in the tracking scene since about 1998, but I started in 1996 by complete accident. I was looking for a MIDI sequencing program, which I found one, two years after the fact, when I stumbled upon MODPlug Tracker. I didn't know what tracked music was, so I didn't know what the program was used for. I found out two years later and started to actually use it. From then on, I improved my musical pieces and the first one I uploaded here, which is Forte's Theme from MegaMan 7. Hope to make more soon!

As of March 17, 2006:
I'm back, after a very long hiatus, with some new skills and samples. I have submitted some new music, cleaned up my profile and am very ready to start tracking again after a VERY long time of working with Soundfonts, Soundsets and the such. Have any questions for me? Ask and you shall receive! Laterz~

As of April 19, 2008:
Things have been hectic and I don't suspect I'll be tracking too much anymore, but I plan to push out a few pieces I made in my spare time, from Final Fantasy 4 and a couple others.

Jesse~ aka djDarkX

djDarkX's reviews:

    Super Mario World 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Stay away from these tunes!" (by djDarkX, 20 Apr 2008) [1/10]
    The "arranged" music is nothing but SPC's converted to IT using OpenSPC. As where that's not initially bad, the person that made this went out of their way to make it seem like it was legitimately arranged by replacing the originally converted SPC instrument samples with VERY out of tune and horribly converted samples.

    This was a very bad attempt to fool people into thinking these songs were actually made by this person when in fact they were converted with "new" samples that were never even tuned correctly.

    Next time, I hope the "arranger" ACTUALLY does his own versions rather than this trash.

    Final Fantasy 5: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "THE IS FLOWING!" (by djDarkX, 30 Jul 2004) [10/10]
    The first piece I would like to point out is Terha Uzyn, A New Origin! I LOVE this piece as he has put a lot of work into it. My favorite part is the Harp and Flute solo. The only downfall was the samples he was using. Love the song, but he needed better samples, so I decided I would improve on it. Of course, I didn't wanna realse it unless I had his approval. If anyone wants to hear what it sounds like with new samples, go to my site and listen to the demo! :) Other than that, I like the other MODs in here as well. Good job to everyone for a great soundtrack. Love the Neo Ex-Death Battle theme. Anyways, Laterz~ y'all!


    Super Metroid: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Good Music" (by djDarkX, 29 Jul 2004) [9/10]
    This music in this package is sureal, yet it needs some uplifting. It's great to see that much time was put into making these songs. Other than that, very good sounding music! :)

djDarkX as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to djDarkX. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, djDarkX probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.